current collection city

  1. hey girls, i have a couple of questions for anyone who may know! im absolutely in looove with the city in black, & have decided itll be my next bag purchase. does anyone know what color the current collection hardware is? is it brass? & also what are these running now? the last time i checked ( a while ago ) it was around $1100. thanks in advance!
  2. I think it's 1195 now but I could be wrong.
  3. Yes the hardware is brass or the new big gold hardware. No pewter/silver on black City bags. :crybaby:
  4. I just ordered an 07 black city and it was $1195

  5. From Balenciaga New York? So you just paid $1195 and that's it? Free S/H, right?

  6. yep, as long as it is shipped outside of New York and I think New Jersey
  7. thanks for the info!whats the new big gold? i dont want that...:confused1: is that what they're coming with now or is that something different? i want the brass.
  8. thanks!! wow that bag is gorgeous but i HATE that hardware. way too ghetto looking for me. reminds me of gold teeth for some reason.:yucky:
  9. I personally do not like the giant gold hardware. The 07 black city I got is just with regular hardware. love that first vert gazon. Plus the bags with gold hardware more pricey.

    atelier.naff: Spring 07 first pics
  10. Hi! I really would like to find a black city with the brass hardware as well... does that mean they are not making them this way anymore? I am not a big fan of the gold either.... anyone know where to find a new one with the brass?