Curious about Burberry Handbags

  1. I don't own a Burberry handbag. I have been lurking around here lately looking at bags owned by members. What I really want to know is what actually draws everyone to this brand of bags.

    I confess that the bags seem a bit overppriced. I don't mean this in a negative way at all so please don't take offense, but I really would like it if someone could just kind of explain what the fascination is with these bags. Is it durability, the look, a mixture of things?:smile:
  2. I'm not a big fan of nova check pattern, but I like the equestrian check and I like it when mixed to leather in bags. I think it's sometimes overpriced as LV is, but their bags are durable. Burberry is classy, trustworthy; moreover Burberry means Britain to me, and I love almost everything coming from UK.
  3. That's interesting.

    And you are right baout LV bags being overpriced.

    Aren't Burberry bags made out of canvas or something like it? But when I touch them they just feel like plastic or something.
  4. i have a few chinese friends who love it because its so english, KWIM. it is a brand with great history and from what iv seen they are durable.
  5. Yes, some Burberry bags are made with a coated canvas as are LV Mono and Damier bags

    That keeps them light and water-resistant at the same time

    I also prefer the traditional prints but the leather bags are also divine!
  6. That's like asking someone why they fall in love with another person really. Everyone has their own taste and style, so if you don't like something then you really cannot understand how someone else can. It's just a subjective thing. I have never been a Burberry purse person, then I just found a style I liked, that doesn't mean I like everything Burberry. I like most LV's myself, but just because I do doesn't mean I like the Grafitti or the Perfo styles, but someone else may be wild for it. Same thing with having a tendency to date someone with fair hair or dark hair, it's just your own personal subjective thing.
  7. I love the burberry brand. Because there bags are durable and stylish.
  8. I am aware that it is subjective.
  9. I like the bumpy textured one for durability. My purses have been scraped against stucco walls, had car doors closed on them, spilled on, rained on, crushed, and it looks untouched.
  10. I have on their canvas coated totes, but I really love their leather bags. I have one manor bag which I love. It's large and I can carry it on my shoulder. The manor is one of my favorites from Burberry.
  11. I personally love the novacheck pattern as it matches when I wear black, red or cream. I also find them very durable & just wipe them clean with baby wipes if they get dirty.
  12. i own burberry leather bag. it's very durable and well made. as for pricing, i feel that it is not horrifyingly expensive... since it is made with such great quality
  13. I love the nova check plaid. I feel it never goes out of style. I can get a piece out from a couple of years ago and you'd never know. The clothes and jackets wear well as well. I get compliments every time I haul out the burberry. I feel it's totally worth the price as you can use them for such a long time....just like the Gucci classic G's.
  14. Burberry=British to me

    I have 3 Burberry bags, 2 watches, umbrella and scarves. Love them all.
  15. Yeah I have other Burberry items like rain boots and scarves, but I just never could get into the bags. Not to mention the fact that whenever I go into a Burberry boutique they are always so incredibly snotty and nasty. Such a turnoff. I got my scarves and boots from the local Saks but they don't carry the purses.

    I went into the Burberry boutique in Charlotte yesterday and they looked at me like I was something on the bottom of their shoe. I could only chuckle and walk back out.