Cud these be the Surpique in Red n Blue Ciel??


Nov 15, 2007
Sorry if this is a bit off topic but I popped into the KLCC shop yesterday evening. They showed me the beautiful bag that Veronica got and also the mini look book. In KL, we will be getting the camera case for the Surpique range but only in 2 colours - Blue and light Blue (in limited quantities). :nuts: Price has not been confirmed yet but around RM8k.....The bags should be in the next 2 weeks. As for the surpique flaps, there is ivory, dark blue, light blue. But no Red for us...:crybaby:

As for the stock in the shop, quite a lot of lambskins in classic flap and also camera case. They also have some cruise bags which are fabric camera bags - one is black & white and the other is a gradient of pastel colours. Finally funky looking lambskin flaps which have a "pink" flap front whilsts the rest of the bag is black.

There is also some sale stock - lotsa of shoes and some drill bags...Ask to see the sale bags, they hide it behind a wall....


Aug 4, 2008
thanks bagfreak for the lil info on the klcc boutique! i sae the fabric camera case in black and white. but then, i dnt think il pay that much for a fabric bag.. only leather for me !:smile: