Cruise Collection 2007

  1. OMG!! :nuts: i just saw the collection in our newspaper(here in manila), it's tdf!! jelly shoes, dresses, travel companions, etc.. etc.. has anyone seen these? or these are already posted?:confused1: sequined black maillot :nuts: yummmeee
  2. do you have the pics to share??
  3. Where in the world are the pictures!?! :nuts:
  4. wait give me 2mins i'm going to post it
  5. these.... i don't know if these are already posted...i have seen the jelly sandals(i guess) but the be-jeweled ones, hmmm
    lv6.jpg lv3.jpg
  6. I've seen pictures of the jelly shoes before...I think they're hideous :yucky:
  7. hmm... more to come.. sorry i just took these from my cam phone (courtesy of INQ.) hey don't hate for the pooooooor resolution heheh:Push:
    LV1.jpg lv2.jpg lv4.jpg
  8. Thanks for the pics : )
  9. Thanks for posting.

    Those jelly sandals are ridiculous !
  10. thanks so much for sharing!!! I CANT WAIT!!!
  11. i knew it.. but the slingbacks and sideless are tdf...:nuts:
  12. thanks for the keepall is gorgeous!!!
  13. I don't like them either. Yikes!
  14. hmm more...
    l.jpg l2.jpg l3.jpg l4.jpg
  15. Thanks for the pics!!
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