Crud. Bid on Fake bag - do I retract.....

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  1. my bid or ask the seller to cancel my bid? I've never had to do this before.

    *grumbles* I hate Ebay.

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. If there is more than 12 hours before action ends-retract it.
  3. Thanks Lucywife :flowers:. There are still 2 days left so I'll do it right now.
  4. I wonder if you can put "fake bag" as the reason for your retraction!? Probably not, but it'd be nice if you could.
  5. you can report the listing though :smile: hopefully ebay pulls pulls the listing :smile:
  6. Report the fake bag link in authenticate section and all the girls will report it. Or better yet there is a thread called "A place for fakes." A lot of the members are vigilant about reporting the fakes and they usually do get fake listings removed.
  7. Thanks Ladies - I did report it. I looked at the bid history and 2 other people had retracted their bids too. There are still 2 current bids on it. I hope it gets pulled.
  8. Don't wait for ebay to pull auctions, especially near/during a weekend! Retract your bid now.
    To retract your bid, copy the item number, then click on bid history, then click on 'retract your bid' found at the bottom of the bidding area, then follow instructions select reason 'cannot contact seller' and follow through.