Cross your fingers for me please!!!

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  1. I went in for PCE yesterday and couldn't find a bag I liked in store, so decided to invest in a nice scarf and wallet instead. I bought a pretty multicolor legacy scarf and was feeling pretty sad because I didn't see anything that I really wanted and then inspiration struck. I asked my SA to look up and see if they had any of the pieced leather french purse that came out a while back, w/ the metallic, and the pink/black/green stripes etc. It would be PERFECT to pull out of my hobo w/ all those colors!!

    The computer said there was 5 left in stock, and they attempted to pull it to ship to me. This is day 1 of not getting the call that it didn't go through so I may just get this pretty little jewel, I really hope so, I've been drooling over it since I realized it would really look awesome w/ the bag and the scarf. :sweatdrop:

    Oh and the multi legacy scarf looks AMAZING on my mahogany hamptons w/ my little fox keyfob!! I absolutely love it, will take pictures when I get a chance!:tup:
  2. Sounds pretty. Congrats on everything. I hope you get the french purse!:tup:
  3. WHAT?! They have those left? When I called Jax they told me there were none left and my SA checked Jax too..maybe a couple boutiques have them left! Wow, congrats..I hope it all works out for you because that is a stunning wallet:tup:
  4. pics, pics, pics!!!!
  5. Good Luck. I hope you get the wallet. I know you have been wanting it. Let us know. Post pics.
  6. I hope you'll be able to get it! Can't wait to see pictures of your new goodies. :smile:
  7. Oh me too! I'm holding out on pics hoping the wallet makes it here:graucho:

    I found an email today from JAX stating my item was shipped and it has a tracking number for Fedex in it, does that mean it really went through?!! I am freaking out!! So excited!!! The tracking number though isn't pulling up on Fedex, maybe I shouldn't get so wound up, but omg I hope it means they actually are shipping it!!
  8. Yes, that generally means it was in stock and shipped!! Woo hoo, right're getting a gorgeous wallet. Fed Ex tracking usually doesn't update itself until late at night or the next morning so check back. Congrats again!

  9. OOO I don't think I've seen this one! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Hmmmm....tracking number is still not working :tdown: I guess though it maybe wasn't actually picked up by FedEx until today perhaps? Unless they do sunday pickups? At any rate, I still haven't gotten a call yet!! So worst case scenario we are looking at around thursday I'm thinking for delivery?

    I think this was a store return, this has to be the only way it was still in stock anywhere. The fact I got this far with this has boggled my mind, I was certain I'd get the dreaded sorry call already! :wtf:
  11. The waiting is the hardest part...hope you get your goodies soon!
  12. Are we talking about the pieced madison wallet that has the legacy color stripes on it ? it is navy, pink green and orange ?