Crocodile Paddy

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  1. Hmmm...

    It's on Luisaviaroma now, but you have to wait until March 2006 for delivery. Hmph!

    How do you guys like it?

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  2. What is the price point on this? Also, is it real croc or just embossed? The pic is kind of small so I can't tell if its nice or not :sad:
  3. WOW ... :love: WOW ... :love: WOW ... :love: and I'm not a "Paddy" Gal! This TOTALLY rocks, but "quanto costa?" Do you have to get a 2nd mortgage for this baby? :wacko:
  4. It costs $10, 637 (8995 euros to american dollar). And is this site trustworthy? Is everything for sure real? Never heard of it?
  5. It's listed as 8995 Euros, which is... *checking currency converter*... $10,648.

    Noriko - If you click on the thumbnail, the pic'll expand a little.

    What do you guys think? Worth it?
  6. ^^^haha I'm not a forum retard :lol: , I clicked the pic but its still too small for me to see any real detail.

    IMO I don't think its worth it, I'd rather have a birkin for that kind of money. Then again if I had 39483943943 birkins I'd consider getting it.
  7. Ahh, Madeline, you beat me to it *blush*

    I have to admit I almost keeled over when I saw the price. :smile: I think I agree w/ Noriko, for that money I might get another bag. Maybe a Goyard? *starry eyed just thinking about it*
  8. Does this site sell real bags for sure, they have a lot of paddys and in lots of new colors for spring. Do they have a store or is this only online?
  9. Oh god, that is so ugly,I hope the lizARD DOES NOTlook like that!

  10. The lizard looks much different than this one.
  11. too rich for my blood, i fold.
  12. Oh, thank god! I appreciate the assursance. I am still reading other posts trying to find out what went on today!.....sheeesh
  13. Luisaviaroma does sell authentic bags, for sure.

  14. Thanks Vlad!
  15. O.k back to bags....I give up...cannot figure it to leave it that way. I 'm here all the time! I can't believe it!......back to bags.... The crocodile is seriously hedious!!!!! It just doesn't work with the slouch!