Crocodile Paddy

WOW ... :love: WOW ... :love: WOW ... :love: and I'm not a "Paddy" Gal! This TOTALLY rocks, but "quanto costa?" Do you have to get a 2nd mortgage for this baby? :wacko:
^^^haha I'm not a forum retard :lol: , I clicked the pic but its still too small for me to see any real detail.

IMO I don't think its worth it, I'd rather have a birkin for that kind of money. Then again if I had 39483943943 birkins I'd consider getting it.
Ahh, Madeline, you beat me to it *blush*

I have to admit I almost keeled over when I saw the price. :smile: I think I agree w/ Noriko, for that money I might get another bag. Maybe a Goyard? *starry eyed just thinking about it*
madeline said:
Does this site sell real bags for sure, they have a lot of paddys and in lots of new colors for spring. Do they have a store or is this only online?
Luisaviaroma does sell authentic bags, for sure.
O.k back to bags....I give up...cannot figure it to leave it that way. I 'm here all the time! I can't believe it!......back to bags.... The crocodile is seriously hedious!!!!! It just doesn't work with the slouch!