Crocodile Novaz

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  1. I came across this listing for a vintage Sac Mallette from 1987. It is marked with an "o" under the Hermes Paris stamp. Also, the receipt reads: "Crocodile Novaz". Does anyone know anything about Crocodile Novaz?

  2. sorry castorny, I cant offer you any help, but the bag is fabulous. Love the red interior.
  3. the bag is fabulous I agree too but again I can't help
  4. Wow castorny! That's an amazing bag!
  5. Castorny, the "O" is for caiman, a south American reptile.
  6. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I thought it was alligator from the pics. Even though it says crocodile. Caiman Alligator then?
  7. Caiman is similar to alligator.
    The only bags I have seen in it are Constances.
    I think Hermes has not used in in years.
  8. Wow, that bag would have some stories to tell!
  9. I remember from somewhere that there are Kellys made of Caiman also.

    Truly stunning sac Mallette! That's a rare goodie Castorny!