Croc Owners - Please Advise on Cracking

  1. i have read old threads and could not find an answer.

    i am seriously considering a croc birkin but i am AFRAID!!!

    afraid of cracking and losing shine. afraid that i will be paying a ton of money on a bag that will no longer look the same after a few years.

    i have croc watch straps (not hermes) that are already cracking, peeling, and lost much of their shine only with 1 year of use!

    so, croc owners, please be honest with me about maintenance. are annual spa visits a must? will that prevent cracking/loss of shine???
  2. storing is key when it comes to croc. it hates heat and dryness as well as humidity. alsways after each use rub it down with a soft cloth(prefents shine loss) and yes spa visits are a must (not yearly but at least evry other year) croc ages beautifully and can last a very very long time so do not worry.
    croc watchstraps are a different matter as they are not only always unnaturally bend but exposed to persiperation. this causes the cracking etc and there is not much one can do about it but that applies not to bags .
  3. my croc straps have cracked and lightened. i suppose this is normal wear and tear on a watch band for most types of leather.
  4. thank you lilach. i really appreciate your expertise!!!

    any other croc owners??? how has your croc bag aged over the years???
  5. One of my bags cracked between the scales along the handle. Claude recommended I let it break completely before sending it off to Paris to get fixed to justify the length and cost of the repair. I just don't load the bag too heavily. The loss of shine, well, is just inherent in the nature of the skin. And like a friend of mine said "Get used to the scratches."
  6. thanks, hg. i'm ok with getting's just the cracking i wouldn't be able to deal with. how long have you had your bag???

    i'm wondering what i can expect in the next 5,10,20 years to come!
  7. With Hermes it will last a long time!

    Don't worry. The crack was not so bad, I freaked out a little when I saw it, brought it into Claude, who assured me it won't break through for a while. It's just the nature of the skin just like it's box's to scratch. Then again, he did tell me to stop loading my bag with bricks. The SAs all joke that they don't have to go into the gym on the days I come into the store. All they have to do is curl one of my bags for a few reps. That was my mistake.
  8. one other resomendation i have for storing croc birkins.
    stuff them (not that the explode but that they form a solid standing block ) with rolled linen or cotton sheets (undyed untreated) let them open staps only in the guides topflap tucked in then put inside dustbag and lay them flat on their backside. so they will keep their shape and it takes the strain from the skin from beeing bend when closed (flap and belted) and standing tall
  9. KIMMy Kelly is almost 50 years old and looks almost as good as the day it was first purchased. I think with the proper care it can bring you years and years of joy and will be something to pass down to the next generation in your family.

    LILACH......I'm taking your storage advice right away. Right now mine is stuffed with tissue paper and sitting upright inside its sleeper on my closet shelf. But I love your idea of the linen and laying it down flat!
  10. s`mom you know the saying gravity is a *****. while placing the bag as i stated above you definately minimize that influence as the frontpanel is upholstered and supported then by the stuffing etc. it really works like a charm
    btw. if you reach a certain age take a mirror and lay down in bed and take a look at your face and boobies voila- same principle damn it :rolleyes: support and relaxation is key
  11. wow, i'm so impressed that your croc is 50 years old and still looking great!!! sooo encouraging. but shopmom, i KNOW you send your bags away for spa treatment and you take such good care of your bags!!! i am so lazy...i can't even take my clothes to the cleaners on a regular basis.

    lilach, great advice on storing. hopefully i'll be USING it almost everyday since its so expensive...gotta get the usage and enjoyment out of it!!!

    i'm feeling a little better about maybe owning croc. i hope i can be a good croc mommy.
  12. Yep, I think after a certain age I'm just going to try to meet everyone while I'm laying down. :lol:

    Kim_Mac- I have a Croc Miel from 1989 and it looks fantastic, no drying or cracking. I don't baby it but I only carry it 10 times a year.
  13. Great thread Kim Mac. I'm learning a lot!
  14. this maybe a little off topic. but i was wondering would the lizard skin bags crack too?
  15. Older lizard bags can dry and lose the scales, especially around the edges.