Croc advice needed

  1. I've been contemplating a croc brikin, as a gift to my dear mom (who has given me more than any H bag can measure). Now, my search has come to this -- Should I take a 30cm niloticus that is available now, in black GHW or cocoan PHW, or wait for the porosus, color undecided. She has honey ostrich 30cm , rouge H 35cm and 28 black kelly. Is the porosus a much higher grade skin where taking the nilo now is going to feel like second best? Or should I just take it now and upgrade later if she wants to?
  2. Is this a surprise gift or can you ask Mom which she'd prefer?
  3. I would suggest getting your mother's advice on this, (in an indirect way, "if you had the choice would you rather get a .... or ...?")
  4. i am not sure there is a huge difference between nilo and porosus other than the pores crocs are all porosus but for the price break i might take the niloticus...if you are buying direct from boutique i say go for it, if it is from a reseller and you are paying markup, wait for the porosus. how sweet of you to gift your mother like this!
  5. Haute Couturess: Going a bit off topic, I don't see too many people reffering to their crocs in plural, do you mind if we see some pictures of yours. I am crazy for crocs as well and actually just starting out my collection with my first piece. Do you find the size 30 or 35 more useful?
  6. C'est la vie...I am with Haute Couturess...if the bags are available from a store, go for it! Your mom's historical choice of colours indicate that she may be partial to either the black & GHW or cocoan & PHW. Between the two, I'll say the black & GHW. The GHW really does wonders for a dark colour croc skin B. It will be so so elegant for your mom, who sounds like a very elegant lady. Personally, I find that a cocoan croc looks better with GHW.:smile:

    Also, on a 30cm Birkin, the Nilo looks equally good. Moreover the dark colour will make the scales distinction less obvious. Honestly, sometimes one cannot really tell unless they put the Nilo & Porosus side-by-side to compare. Porosus has its own share of bigger and smaller scales. I've compared them side-by-side. On its own the bigger scale Porosus looked great. Only when compared with the other one, was the size distinction more apparent. Its like comparing a F-colour with a I-colour diamond. The colour difference, to the laymen (like me), is only more apparent when compared side-by-side.:yes::smile:
  7. ^ what a brilliant example.

    i would do the black nilo w/ GH. such a classic.