Critical Viewing for the Secondary Market Shoppers

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  1. I've been flapping my gums for months...make that years...about how dangerous shopping on the secondary market is for designer bags in particular. This video from ABC News may have been posted before, but it's worth bringing back even so. While it talks more about the Chinatown vendors in NYC and Chanel bags there's still plenty that's relevant to resale shopping for Prada bags. Please do yourselves a favor and watch this. It will most likely be a huge eyeopener for a lot of folks and drive home the fact that I don't keep saying "Buy Prada AT Prada" over and over without good reasons.

    Super Fakes: The Next Generation of Fake Bags
  2. Thank you for sharing, Prada Psycho.

    I fully agree with the buy Prada at Prada statement - after being scammed with a wallet online, my first supposedly Prada purchase - I learned my lesson the hard way. I was thinking back then - "Oh, I'm saving $200+ so I'm being smart". After that happened though - was I really being smart?! I'd say quite the opposite. In the first place, the $200+ savings was not that significant (I fooled myself into thinking it was, since it was around 50% savings on a $400+ wallet) - but the trouble that came after totally negated that (plus some). It's not like I couldn't have just shelled out the additional $200+ - I was just foolish enough to think I was "outsmarting" them by saving on my purchase. The wallet was supposedly new and authentic - plus it was Amazon, so I thought that was safer than ebay. Sigh. Well, to Amazon's credit, they removed the seller after I reported them.

    After that experience, I just thought to myself how the full price I was paying for the bags - several hundreds, or even a thousand more, than what you could buy it for in some online sites, was really for my peace of mind. I was right - since then, buying in-store (not just Prada - but even my other bags), I have been very secure and happy with my purchases. The only exception to my rule recently has been the older/vintage Prada models - since those are no longer available in-store, I had no choice but to purchase pre-loved online (authenticated, of course).

    I am sure for many people here, they can afford the full price - either right away, or with just some time saving. The mentality of "outsmarting" the system by saving some hundreds or more, just might be taking over (as it did me initially) - but I can tell you from experience, it just is not worth it. Besides, I love the experience of walking into a store (Prada or not), checking out the different bags and personally inspecting them, plus seeing how they look on me - then deciding, and walking out the store with my purchase! It's a great feeling - for me, at least. :biggrin:

    If you fall under the others who may not be able to easily afford Prada - well, it just might take longer saving to buy in-store - but again, it's so worth it! That will make it even more special :biggrin: If not, then maybe, just maybe, Prada is not right for you at this time. :sad:

    Just my 2 cents. I get how people may not feel that way about purchasing in-store, but that's how I keep my sanity and happiness. At the end of the day, NOBODY should be duped into buying something fake. It's just wrong, unfair, and - illegal (for the seller).
  3. Thanks for sharing this video.
    While buying a bag from the stores itself can be seen as paying for a peace of mind that the bag is authentic, that is not all.
    It was really an eye-opener to me when these superfakes are usually made by syndicates - and a bigger problem exist by doing so...e.g forced child labour and the money given to syndicates.

  4. And this is exactly why I work as hard as possible to do my part, albeit miniscule in the big scheme of counterfeiting, to call out businesses (Brand Alley being our most recent offender) on their Super Fakes.
  5. And its very much appreciated! The quality of these fakes is getting to be pretty scary...
  6. Great to watch. Thanks
  7. Thanks for sharing! Although there are some few personal sellers on ebay that sell authentic things.

  8. That's very true, however even the best of eBay sellers and several reputable resellers have been fooled by the Super Fakes. The minutia it takes to know the difference is something few people take the time to learn.
  9. I personally think that it's crazy how good the fakes are becoming. It it significantly more difficult to tell the authentic items from the fake ones. After living inAsia for a year I learned that you can buy fake 'anything' and the people who produce the items are getting more proficient year on year. Not only Prada and other top end designers but even brands like Coach, Michael Kors are heavily counterfeited.

    And unfortunately for an 'average customer' it is impossible to tell the difference so many people get duped... But there's no doubt that the demand for fakes is continuously increasing, designer bags are more and more popular and more expensive than ever!
    I read an interesting article about it..'How top designers ARE TRYING TO STOP YOU buying their bags' which is a material for another discussion I think
  10. Thanks for sharing!

    But there's no doubt the designer bags' amount of clients aren't increasing. As prices go higher, the amount of clients to sell too aren't going to increase. And just the quality of these fakes are getting to be so well done.
    But even brands like Coach aren't doing so hot because people want the cheaper prices, but some people don't want the "cheapening" of a brand.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy anything designer unless I'm in the retail store. Go into the store, expect the good service, expect the authentic good quality you expect, then pay the money.
  11. I also bought my first Prada from a highly rated Amazon seller. Shortly after I got my refund from returning the fake, the seller was removed from Amazon. Then I went to Saks and got my real Prada. A few bags later, all from Saks or Prada stores, the oldest is a bit over a year, they all still have that delightfully wonderful leather scent!