1. I did something I hadn't expected to do, but feared would happen: I spilled something (soda!) on my beloved BJ Birkin. It looks hardly noticeable to everyone else, but I can see that it's kinda a "shiny" brownish color where the soda splashed on it. What should I do? Take it in for cleaning? If so, how long will I not have it and approximately how much would it cost? Thanks in advance.
  2. Oh no!! I'm so sorry this happened. Take it to the store right away! The thing with stain is the longer you let it sit, the harder it'll be to remove. Don't worry about how long the bag will have to stay in the store or how much it'll cost, the time and cost will be worth it vs. a potential stain
  3. Hi, Kou!

    Did you get my PM?
  4. Yes I did yes I did~~ I wanna come but I'm still working on an excuse so I can get away for this that day. I'm pretty sure I can make it though.

    Btw, I think our special days are 6 days apart:nuts:
  5. I'd think soda would just wipe off with a damp cloth? My kids spilled Coke on mine (just a little bit) and it wiped right off.
    Hope it's okay!
  6. I agree with Greentea :smile: , of course! I would wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth, but then I would also bring it into Hermes just for an inspection afterwards, in case. The water might just do the trick, but it would be better to be safe. I have sometimes brought in bags to my SA to see if they needed a "spa-cleaning" and she has told me that I was being overly-anxious (not her words) and that I should use the piece more before it needed refurbishing.
  7. Run to the H store...
  8. Ooh! Happy early Birthday! And let me know as soon as you know:smile:
  9. BTW, I hope everything works out with your lovely BJ Birkin, and I am SURE that it will, :smile: ! Please let us know and best of luck with everything.
  10. Hi again. Well, I sorta took everyone's advice. I did both--dabbed at the Coke splashes with a damp paper towel AND took it to the Hermes store. My SA showed it to the craftswoman, who said that the bag was OK. She also advised me to take it in when I get a major stain on it, like ink.
  11. Glad everything's okay!!
  12. Good news!
  13. Phew!
  14. Thank goodness all's well.

    Regarding ink/ball point ink ... I thought this is a real goner ... ????:confused1:
  15. :yahoo: I'm glad that your baby's all okay, Princess!

    Togo is very easy to maintain, but ballpoint ink is a NO-NO!!! It will not come off my Gold Togo Ulysse notebook...:sad: