Crimson bags 35% off for Valentine's day

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  1. I saw a post of Facebook from Dooney that the Crimson Florentine bags are 35% off

  2. COOL, thanks for info! Gotta love a sale!
  3. :panic: I'm really going to need to stay in touch with my HBR Sponsor through Valentine's Day! This is torture! I love that red handbags go on sale around certain holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July weekend). I just have to stay strong until after vacation and keep telling myself there'll be another sale or two (or more!) when I get back.:sweatdrop:
  4. Thanks for the tip GG :smile: crimson is one if my favorites.
  5. Sorry to make HBR harder for you......I forgot your love of all bags "RED" :biggrin:

  6. No apology necessary! It's always good to know about a sale. I'm probably going to buy something anyway, so it's good to know it's on sale somewhere! (i.e. the red RM pouch that was on sale at Nordstrom!):lol:
  7. In Florentine leather, Crimson isn't really what I would call red. My satchel is much more of a burgundy wine.
  8. it's definitely a wine color.