Creme de la mer gel...and experience with cellcosmet face skincare?

  1. Sooo I picked this up during Saks F&F but am finding it a bit too light for my skin during the winter?

    Has anyone else thought this...I usually have normal to slightly drier skin on the cheeks and around the lips area but a combination/oily t zone so I dont like heavier creams...

    What has everyones experiences been with the la mer gel?

    I found the original cream to be too heavy...and I tried the lotion before and didnt really love it either...

    On another note...has anyone tried the Cellcosmet skincare line? I know theyre known for the eye cream but how do people feel about their facial creams...I know they have ones for different ages like juvenil for younger people, etc...


    PS: I have usually drier cheeks and sometimes flaking dry skin but very light...and then my nose area tends to get slightly oilier so heavier creams for night especially make me feel icky and clogs my pores...
  2. Ive tried the gel...but it was totally different from the original and didnt help at all....the original la mer creme is the only good thing out of the whole line along with the concentrate for me..others make me break out...

    I havent tried the cellocosmet...
  3. I loooove the texture of this (and the smell!) but it is not very moisturizng at all!
  4. ^^ yahhh i want to like it but just doesnt seem to be moisturizing enough =(
  5. calisnoopy, my skin is just like yours. i started using the original LaMer cream but I couldnt get used to how heavy it felt, even when i used just a little. I havent tried the cellcosmet. Havent heard of it. Right now, I'm using two different creams (one for day and one for night) that I bought in China. It has crushed pearl dust in it, and is supposed to help longterm... :shrugs:
  6. I've tried La Mer cream and that did not work for my skin. I use the whole line of Cellcosmet and really love it. I was daring enough to try the anti-stress mask cream and it did not clog my pores.
    I really, really love this line.
  7. That's good to know as I was thinking about trying the mask myself. I'll see if it works, my skin is so dry, it is awful.
  8. pato, just to let you know that mask doesn't really moisturize. What it does is calm down and even tone your skin if you had some redness. If you have severe red patches on your skin, I don't know if this mask is one of those cure-all treatments.

    I am just saying that if you are acne prone, you are very safe to use this mask. On the packaging, it states that it is for all skin types. Whenever I see this on Cellcosmet, that means it does not focus on one type of skin problem, I guess.

    I've used it when my skin looks blotchy and some parts are dry, others may be oily and I need a quick fix because I have a big day tomorrow and I don't have time to out and get another microdermabrasion done.

    I am a huge fan of Ultra Vital and I normally use it all year round but I am looking into using Concentrate day/night moisteruzer to be used during spring and summer season. The application of these moisturizers should be very minimal because it is a highly concentrated formulation.
    Sometimes I use their facial scrub as on-the-spot treatment on a pimple for a deeper exfoliation and to dry out that spot.

    I don't want to come be perceived that I'm advertising this line. I just really love this line. Sometimes I use other cleansers and I use Vivier vitamin C because I don't trust any claim of vitamin C in moisturizers, because it is very difficult to keep vitamin C in its original strength.

    You can always PM me if you have any questions.:smile:
  9. ^^thanks...all this is so helpful!!!

    I just bought the Juvenil Day and the Activator Gel...for some reason I really liked the activator gel and the active tonic (toner) when i tried it...the exfoliant dual action was nice too...cos it was very gentle...but im going to try my sample sizes first and see if i continue liking them....

    I found that the juvenil day and night were best for me since i tend to sleep and wake up with clogged pores using most night creams, i sweat i guess...and so heavier night creams make me waking up oily and icky...but im not overly oily...more like dry on the cheeks as mentioned before...

    its too bad the la mer gel didnt work out so well, maybe its better for spring/summer also is incredibly dry here now with the heat on all the time indoors =X