CREED - What's yours?

  1. I'm officially addicted!
    I used to be faithful only to Quel Ques Fleusrs and the original Bvlgari. But the last few shopping trips to NM I keep trying Creed's Silver Mountain Water and I'm SOLD!
    It's actually very complementary to Bvlgari, it has green tea and something else, I forget.
    Anyhow, today I found out there's also candles!?
    And I neeeeeeed the dry oil to layer my fragrance too of course! :yes::lol:

    I think it's Spring Flowers{?} - that one is really nice too.

    Anyone else sold on this insanely pricey fragrance line?
  2. I love Creed fragrances. It's the most expensive fragrance line that I've seen, but I love practically all of them. It's not good for my wallet, but I love their perfumes.
  3. oh that sounds delicious! Will check it out- thanks, Swanky and mcb!
  4. yeah. . . I see a collection of these in my future, they're amazing!
  5. i may just go for this sight (and smell) unseen...sounds heavenly and I'm in major need of retail therapy right now as much as I try to resist, hehehe. Green tea is heavenly.
  6. girl u r preaching to the creed choir! i adore their perfumes! i have virgin island water, spring flower and love in white. right now i'm ADDICTED to virgin island water. i bought the biggest bottle and i think i'm going to go back for the flacon. it is just DIVINE!!!
  7. Millesime Imperial
    Silver Mountain Water
    Green Irish Tweed

    (I'm a guy, for reference.)
  8. Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare, if I'm in the mood for a true rose scent. It has bulgarian rose, mandarin, and tea blossom and it's different than Fleurs de Bulgarie, although people tend to confuse the two.

    Fantasia De Fleurs is pretty but the drydown bores me. I have a huge bottle, but lately it just sits there...

    For those of you who like Spring Flowers, you should try Love in White, which is not as sweet.
  9. I haven't tried it for myself yet, b/c I'm so in love with my D&G Light Blue, but I know it's lucious! I've smelled samples and one of these days I'm going to splurge and buy some.

    I like the idea that they have candles too. Then your whole house can radiate with your signature secnt.
  10. They sound so wonderful. I'll have to definately check them out. Thanks!
  11. Never heard of it! Maybe I need to try it out someday!
  12. oooh, LMK which one you love if you go and try them out!
  13. I have Fleurissimo, Virgin Island Water, and Millésime Imperial. I also have Spring Flowers but I don't like the way it smells on me.
  14. First time I've heard of it, but with such raving comments I'll make sure I look around for it in my next shopping spree! Sounds delicious. What's the price range on their fragrances?
  15. little tiny bottle around $95 if I remember correctly. . . I try to block it out :cry: