Creed Questions - letters, codes, etc. . .

  1. do they stamp all their bags? Nordstrom I mean...

    I bought a bag from there early last stamp on mine.
  2. maybe they stamp it when you pay for it? i saw a bag there the other day and specifically looked for the stamp-- there wasn't one..
  3. i never noticed that before on any of my purses...but thanks for the info...
  4. I have no idea... But wanted to say Welcome Melkelly! :smile:
  5. Usually they stamp it before or so I thought. I only have one coach bag that was purchased at Nordstrom and it has the stamp on it.
  6. This may have been asked before but with search disabled I don't know.

    What do the letters mean on the creed? I've seen different letters on the same color and style of bags. EX: Leigh/whiskey some have D,K,G,F ??
    D0769-11128, K0769-11128,G0769-11128,F0769-11128 find different letters on the same bags WHAT DOES THE LETTER MEAN. The 07 is the year isn't it? I know the last is the style #. Thanks
  7. Maybe it's the batch? Like the earlier letters were made earlier in the year? At least that's how it is with cosmetics.
  8. The factory where it was made, I think.
  9. Place of manufacture, date/season of manufacture, and style number.
  10. It depends on how old the bag is. Bags before 1994 just had random 7-digit numbers. Then Coach started adding the month, year and country/plant codes. Some of the new bags from '07 and later include an F in the style number to show it was made for the Factory Store.
  11. When you see a creed, what does the first letter after the "No" designate?

    In this example, it's an "E"
    i.e. No E0793-11085
  12. What type of bag is it ? I think that letter refers to a particular line but not sure.
  13. It's a Miranda. I see two in auction. One has an E and the other an M, like this:

    No M0793-11085
    No E0793-11085
  14. Nobody knows what that letter is for?
  15. I think it designates the production facility or something. :yes: