Credit Card Hacked?

  1. I received my monthly statement today for my Nordstrom Visa card. I use this card ONLY for bag purchases.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw a charge in a pet store's name that I did not recognize!

    I called the card company and they were SO helpful. The charge was for dog food. At a store in Texas. I don't have a dog. And I live in Oregon. :mad:

    I didn't even have to ask for a thing. They immediately viewed it as fraudulent activity, immediately blocked my account, and will be issuing me a new card with a new account number.

    They were so helpful and so courteous. I was really impressed. This is the second problem I have had with this card. I made a purchase from and the bag was defective. Forzieri was being very snotty about a refund. Even despite the fact that you can return the bag for a full refund within 30 days for ANY reason! And the bag was defective! But I called Nordstrom Visa and they immediately put a dispute in place. And I got my money back. Well, most of it. Forzieri is still being stinky about refunding the return shipping for their DEFECTIVE bag.

    At any rate...the Customer Service at Nordstrom Visa was wonderful! :love: But it is rather scary that someone was able to use my card number! :mad: I'm just glad it was a credit card and not my debit card!
  2. I am glad they helped you. I know nowadays you can't really be safe!!!! Good thing you acted quickly.
  3. We had our credit card with a charge made is Russia. The credit card company called us, closed out account and issued us new cards. They said they had this problem and knew right away it was a fake charge. I was happy they were on top of it with the first charge. They blocked any other charges from being made.
  4. It is such a pain when your CC gets compromised. Thankfully most CC companies are good about addressing the issue head on.

    In the long run, we all suffer. I am so tired of all the identify theft and CC scams. :mad:
  5. It makes you wonder how in the world someone got your number with all the security measures in place.
  6. this happened to me two weeks ago.I got a call from the security department of my bank at 8:00 AM.Someone had started using my card on-line at 2:00 AM.A flood of charges on everything you can imagine.They noticed it as a pattern of fraud,flagged the account and called me.They handled it very well and it did not cost me a dime.This was my internet shopping card.I've already got a new one,but it sure was scary.
  7. Glad it was taken care of quickly at that! Happened to me too, live in CA and charges in Oregon, about $3000. Bloomingdale's visa closed my account and issued me a new one.
  8. the exact same thing happened to me.. someone used my debit card in Italy while I was in Washington.. n it was almost 500 or so.. so when I called to complain to WAMU about it... I just told them, if it was me using the card, do u think I would be calling u now? they did exactly what they did with ur card, except it was so much of a hassle because I had to close and open new bank accounts and I had several of them.. so I just tell them, don't send me emails, send me letters if its really impt coz I will never reply to any of my bank through email any longer.
  9. When my boyfriends card was used - the bank were really unhelpful and it took ages to get sorted - glad you didn't have this problem!:biggrin:
  10. I always wondered... wouldn't they be able to track the person who stole your credit card down? I mean... where are they going to send their stolen merchandise to? The neighbors house? lol.
  11. Let me tell you what happened to me: Someone stole my credit card information and bought stuff from Tiffanys. I called my credit card and they were excellent about it, I didn't have to worry about a thing. It just took one phone call and the charges were immediately zapped.

    BUT then a few days later I got a thank you card from Tiffanys, saying that my gift order had been shipped to the "friend" (aka cc thief). The thief's name and address was right there on the receipt! I couldn't believe how dumb she was. I called the cc company and told them about it and they didn't even seem to care! :weird: I hope she got arrested... :mad:

    Edited to add: It was around $7K--that's grand theft!!
  12. my discover's number was stolen too. i got a new number and everything was taken care of 1-2-3.
  13. Unfortunately, it's happened to a few people I know. The people I know who had this happen didn't have any problems getting the fraudulent charges resolved. One person didn't notice right away because the charges were for nominal amounts on her banking/debit card statement buried in the midst of all her other transactions, and descriptions were not provided. She also had no problem having the back charges fixed.

    Someone I know who works for a credit card company said one of the latest scams in NYC involves thieves who use their cell phone camera to snap a picture of your debit card when you take it out at ATMs.
  14. Sina,that was my question.Seems to me that all they would have to do is follow the things ordered to where they were delivered.
  15. Did you try taking this information to the police? I don't know if they could do anything, but it would be worth a try.