Creative Father's Day Presents?

  1. Does anyone have any ideas for creative Father's Day presents?
  2. How about a tie?

    He he he...just kidding
  3. If you have kids..The cutest gift I had them make was buying a t shirt and painting their hands..Make them put their handprints on the tshirt and fabric paint...BEST DAD...HANDS DOWN!
    It came out so cute!then I go shopping and buy him whatever he wants..needs..too!LOL!
  4. It's for my dad who's pretty low key. His interests are real estate, gardening, nonprofit volunteer work and ice cream.
  5. Hmmm. Well since he likes ice cream...I was just flipping through my 'Everyday with Rachel Ray' magazine and they have a write up in there about the best ice creams. Their recommendation was for Berkshire ice cream ( I have never had it but it's supposed to be available in the northeast.

    Also, they recommended Sundaes best hot fudge sauce ( and Fudge Fatale Ultimate Caramel Sauce (

    I know it's not very adventurous, but how about putting together an ice cream basket for him?
  6. Ice cream of the month club!!!!

    I was going to get my dad BBQ sauce of the month club, but it was way too expensive :smile:

    I just ended up getting him a nifty weather station from the disc. channel store
  7. For a laugh :biggrin:

    The best gifts come in small packages! These ceramic EGGLINGS look and feel just like real eggs. Just crack one open, add water, and you’ve created a springtime oasis for your desk or window (even if it's winter outside). Each comes with a terra cotta tray and seed pack. Growing is EASY — plants thrive for months in their shell and can be replanted in soil. Sold individually

    Some interesting products on the above site.
  8. LOL, my 5 year old has one of those growing in the window sill as we speak!
  9. :biggrin:
  10. An appointment to get a professional massage or a facial maybe. Very unexpected- guys like to be pampered too!
  11. my dad is retired now and loves to watch movies - so I am going to get him a netflix subscription for a year and choose his movies for him since he is computer challenged lol. oh and a box of cuban cigars :yucky:
  12. I like the idea of an ice cream basket. Get him a great planter (terra cotta or wicker that he can reuse in gardening), and fill it with all things ice cream: sundae spoons, sundae bowls, ice cream bowls, hersheys syrup, gift certificates for Baskin Robbins, Coldstone, etc. Add in some magazines regarding real estate that he can read while eating his ice cream.
    I think that covers all his interests lol