Crease unfolding Treesje Jovi help please!!

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  1. Hi :smile:
    My jovi has lost the crease that is supposed to be on the bag, you can see it should have 3 creases on the front , the centre one is only half a folded crease now ... is there anyway to put these creases back in?
  2. Is there anyway you can upload pictures so we can help? Which color Jovi do you have? I have noticed that certain colors/ leathers on the Jovi & Solei bags behave differently therefor have different degrees of creases.

    I could help more if we could see pics :flowers:
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    I think I know the pleat/crease that you're referring to... The Red leather seems to be one of the softer ones too, so the crease falling out might just be due to the softness of the leather. Are you using it regularly? If so, perhaps you could just try "resting" it for awhile and storing it back in its dustbag flat, rearranging the middle pleats as much as possible, and putting a light weight on it (maybe one massmarket paperback book) to try to create the crease again.

    The middle pleats/creases aren't supposed to be as defined as the side ones, though. It's just supposed to be a pleat that starts from the top then gradually evens out as it gets to the bottom. This may also be why the pleat/crease is falling out on your Jovi, if you've been using it for awhile. I think storing it for a bit with something to "squash" the pleat/crease back into place (but nothing too heavy!!) should help, though, but this is just a guess on my part. HTH!

    Oh, and like LR mentioned, the pleats/creases definitely show up to varying degrees when the bag is in different leathers. The Bordeaux and Oceano Soleils, for instance, virtually have no creases, due to the wrinkled texture of those leathers! I think the Fall '09 Jovis were all in fairly soft leathers, though, so whilst that means that the creases are fairly defined at first, there might also be a higher risk of the creases falling out eventually due to said softness. Some of the Holiday '09 leathers are more glazed than the earlier Jovi leathers too, so those might be stiffer and less prone to having the crease fall out. (I haven't seen any Holiday '09 Jovis in person, though.)
  4. Can you show us a picture and what color is the jovi?
  5. black star's Jovi is the Red one from Fall '09, she's been posting about it in another thread (re: the linings). :smile:
  6. opps.. just read your post above. I think you explained it. Blackstar, do you put heavy weight stuff in her? The leather could be stretched out too.
  7. thank you for all of your replies
    how would i upload a photo here?
    the bag is new, i carried it empty for a few hours just once, i think it must have been like it when i got it but didnt notice
    there is supposed to be a neat straight crease in the centre but its instead of a double crease online one crease and its way off on the wonk
    its the red jovi
    its not like this on the other jovi i have so i dont think it should probably be like that
    im not sure how to correct it as to hold it in the right position to crease it back is quite hard
    i would upload a photo of each of the red jovis so you can compare the difference it will be easy to see in a photo but hard to explain exactly :smile: