Crease in speedy 30

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  1. So I ordered my Mono speedy 30 from eluxury and received it a week and a half ago. It was all folded up in the box when I received it and it had creases on either side because of the way it was folded.... How long does it take before those creases are gone??? I've been using the bag everyday since I received it and they are still there.. :hysteric:
  2. Over stuff your bag with a sheet or towels, put it near a window and let the sun warm it put and that will help.

    Otherwise with everyday use it will come out over time.
  3. Thanks, I"ll try that over the weekend when I am home... unfortunately where I sit at work oes not have much sunlight. lol
  4. I've never stuffed mine and 3 months later I can still faintly see the crease (and I use my Damier one ALL the time)....I hope Fetish's advice works! Maybe I should try that!

    Another word of advice...when you put it by the window....throw a small towel over the vachetta parts, so you won't start tanning the vachetta (unless you want tanned vachetta)!
  5. Try by the heater or in the bathroom while you shower...that will help too.