Crease in flap of Antony Bag

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  1. The flap of my Antony bag has a crease on it...nothing too bad but it just means that one side of the flap sticks out while the other side is flush with the bag.

    Does anyone know the best way to get rid of this crease? I've read online about using a cool iron on top of a cotton shirt/pillow case and then other places I have read to use a damp cloth and iron over that...but would the steam not damage the leather?

    I don't think the crease is bad enough to take to a specialist...I feel i could rectify it myself if I just knew the proper way to do it.
    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Thanks x
  2. The ice trick a few of the others have used with the flpas on the bays should work. Cover the bag up with lots of towels, then put ice on top of the flap (do it from the underside) making sure the ice can't get out over the bag and it should work. If you do a quick search there are some detailed guidelines.
  3. Great! Thanks hew105. That's a good tip. I was a bit dubious about using an iron as it might make the leather shiny. Will do a search now for that. Thank you.
  4. No worries - you'll have to let everyone know if it works.
  5. Will do!
  6. Oooh thats really useful, my anthony does this too. I just thought it was down to me storing it funnily though!