Cream/Creme 2006.....

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  1. Hi everyone!;)

    I was just wondering if anyone owns this particular color? I've heard that it's quite darker and richer than craie, ivory or other creamy colors and is actually a lot like a light taupe.

    I was just wondering if anyone owns an 06 cream, and if they do, would they mind sharing piccies? (I've already searched through the forums but haven't found any).

    Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Hi, I have this color Paddy, but no pictures, I'm sorry! If I can try to describe it to my best ability, I would say that it is the color of coffee with tons of milk in it, like a very very light cappucino (sp?). I loved it because it has no pinkish tones and no yellow tones, and is light-colored but not white (I'm phobic about white bags!) Hope that helps a tiny bit!

  3. Yum! Sounds good!:drool:
    That's definitely a great color, as I'm terrified of white bags too but still want something light-ish.....

    Thanks for your help!:tup:
  4. Oooo sounds delish! It seems to be a lighter version of taupe to me... How strange that no-one has posted pics!

    Macbagger - perhaps you could check the auction lv is interested in and comment on the colour as to it IRL.
  5. I have the taupe and the creme and it IS a lighter version of taupe. NAP calls this color "sand." They still have one on their website. It's very pretty, a true beige.
  6. yea that is my creme paddy up there. the description of it being like coffee with LOTS of milk in it is perfect. i don't know if you've ever had those asian milk tea drinks, but the color is just about that.

    it really has no yellow undertones. it's a great neutral color that goes well a lot of things. i went with it because i wanted a light colored bag but was didn't want to deal with white. you'll love it, it's just perfect for summer!
    if you have anymore questions or want any pics, feel free to PM me.
  7. here are the pics for those who are lazy to go to the other thread!

    Attached Files:

  8. Aw wow!

    Thanks for your help everyone!!!:flowers:

    msjenn - your bag is STUNNING I love it!:love:
  9. thanks, it's my first chloe and im very happy with it. good luck in finding yours! let me know if i can be of any help. =)
  10. Awwww nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    I was outbid on the cream paddy I've been lusting over.:crybaby:
    Oh well....the paddy search continues.

    Thanks everyone for helping me learn more about this color though. :smile: