Creaking noise from strap..

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  1. Hello. I have a Icare bag with strap. When I carry the bag and the strap is hanging loose, I can hear a creak noise from the hardware on the strap. Very irritating! Has someone else experienced this? What can I do to avoid it?
  2. never heard it but you might consider
    having it looked at at lv
  3. Sounds like my empreinte speedy- it creaks .. even when I'm carrying/wearing it cross-body. Would love to hear others chime in on this! I know what you're talking about though.. the squeaking creaking noise that gets louder as the strap swings off the metal hardware. ugh. I hate it.
  4. There was another thread where a Icare bag made noise and then it cracked on him I think.
    Sorry I'm not much of a searcher but maybe someone else remembers this thread.
  5. I've had this happen to one of my leather non lv bags. I used baby powder to stop the creaking. That noise drives me crazy. I sprinkled powder on a toothpick and shimmied it between the leather and the hardware and my creaking stopped.
  6. Ok, thanks guys. It's not the canvas or the leather. It's the hardware hanger. I don't dare to oil it eighter..
  7. I have this same problem with the clasp on my Speedy B strap. Took it into LV New Bond Street yesterday and the Aftersales lady told me the only thing they can do is replace it but they will have to send off the strap and I would need to collect the replacement. Very inconvenient as I don't live anywhere near a LV store!
  8. My speedy b strap did this too. It was annoying. I ended up selling the bag (not because of the noise though). I doubt you can fix it, I think it's just the way the hardware rubs together when it moves.
  9. Ok, thanks. I suppose this is a problem with the LV straps.
  10. I've had this problem with my Speedy B & Alma - it was an easy fix.
    I just put some leather cleaner on the inside on the leather that touches the metal and the squeaking stopped and next came back.