CRAZY Zanny TP Caper

  1. What is our world coming to...this made the AP!

    Woman charged in swiping bathroom wipes in t.p. caper. Her name? Butts

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- Police blame a woman named Butts for stealing toilet paper from a central Iowa courthouse, and while they're chuckling, the theft charge could put her in prison.

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess:wtf:
  2. I heard about this. Funny but sad. TP is sooo cheap to! And at the Courthouse??? Why didn't she just take it from the police station! Jeez!
  3. That is insane..yet other people who acutally have commited ''real and serious'' crimes are still out in public...unreal!
  4. Great name! Not heard that one before.

    Mind if I ask what T.P caper is?
  5. I'm assuming they are calling her a "caper" because they've noticed the toilet paper disappearing but not sure by whom and when hense...

    the proper definition of caper is:
    playful act or trick: a lighthearted adventurous act or prank
    - questionable activity: a dangerous or illegal activity, especially one involving robbery

    so...that makes her a "T.P.Caper".:roflmfao:
  6. OMG-I'm a sucker for news of the weird -stuff like this is always onn cnn or the ap. I saw this story and jusr thought "Hope her dad's name is not Harry or Seymour.":graucho:
  7. How did they catch her? Sketchy! I wouldn't want to use that bathroom, I would be all looking around for hidden cameras!
  8. Chee... a courthouse might not be the best place to break the law...

    But I disagree about how cheap toilet paper is... TP adds up! Which may have contributed to the thought process.... who inventories for TP? Is she a clerk or is she part of the clean up crew?

    I've heard of housekeeping in the hotels taking cleaning products home, I'd imagine it happens more than we realize...

    I worked retail I had a tendency to stick pens in my ponytail, or use em to hold up a bun and I often forgot I had them back the end of the day I walk out with 1-3.... and then they'd wind up in my desk at home. Bet that added up too, after awhile!