Crazy Wedding Theme !

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  1. [​IMG]
    Let's hope he's a lot more romantic than Homer! :heart:
  2. LOL weirdos
  3. LOL!! They look so happy!
  4. OH...MY...GOD!



  5.'ve rendered me thread, Prada!
  6. ha! I love it! Too cute. Not for me, but whatever makes them happy.
  7. That's a first! Hey, if they're happy then who cares!
  8. That's it!!! I'm ordinary lol
  9. :roflmfao: omgg..My bestfriend had a custom made hello kitty dress made for her wedding it cost her almost 8 grande for the I personaly would never do a cartoon theme its not like its a birthday party.
  10. Doh!
  11. Yikes.
  12. Why isnt she yellow too?

  13. I really hope you have a pic!
  14. oh wow:rolleyes: as long as they're both happy, thats all thats really important.
  15. lol, how strange!! But they do look happy