Crazy shopping day at Dior and YSL!!!

  1. Hi girls!!!

    I was thinking about getting a new (nonGD) bag a couple of days now. I really really liked the gaucho and the muse. So i was between those bags, which have a totally different style. The muse is considered as more classic while the gaucho is more like trendy and crazy.

    I went to Dior and YSL to finally make up my mind and decide which bag i like best.....

    ...... i couldn't....:cry: tried but it was so hard....:sad: i bought them both :angel: :angel:

    Here is my beautiful chocolate brown medium muse and my gorgeous gaucho (double saddled)
    LOve them bOth :heart: :heart: :heart:
    musepf.jpg musepf2.jpg gauchopf.jpg gauchopf2.jpg
  2. I LOVE that Gaucho!!!

    I really want it in red!
    Great purchases!
  3. :noggin: you bad girl...but both are great choices!!
  4. Congrats! the muse looks great on you.
  5. two very very nice choices. i wouldn't be able to decide either. but i thought you were are betraying your moniker
  6. hahaha!!
    finally you posted!!!:lol:
    congrats, love them both equally!!:love::love:
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Gorgeous, I love the Muse ! And hey, nothing wrong with not being able to make up your mind ! ;)
  9. Congrats! Great choices! Enjoy them!
  10. love both bags esp. the muse !
  11. Now that's what I like, no reason to torture youself, when in doubt, buy both :lol: Good job!!

  12. yes i betrayed Mr Darel a little.....but it is not my fault, i just couldn't resist :lol:

    (oh....1000 posts!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: )
  13. Wow, great bags!

    darelgirl - congrats on your 1000th post!
  14. Congrats!! LOVE the Muse!
  15. Very very nice choices! Congrats!