Crazy buyer threatening me

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  1. I have this stupid buyer that I accepted her offer on a girl's bathing suit. After a week of not receiving the payment, I automatically file a reminder for non-payment. She immediately paid after that and told me about her dad's sudden death, true or not I don't know. Today, she writes me a long nasty email telling me she should complain to ebay and shame on me for sending her the notice. Then she writes back saying that I should give her a positive feedback and she'll call it even.

    I haven't shipped out the bathing suit yet. I don't want to complete the transaction but I don't want her to harrass me and give me a negative feedback for something I didn't do wrong and of course ebay does not allow us to give buyers' negative feedbacks. What should I do.

    What a frigging moron to put it nicely.
  2. OMG, I just went thru something like this just this morning! I happened to log on my ebay account to check out something I might be selling. I see a buyer finally left me feedback from 2 mos. ago. I was somewhat ticked as it was my first neutral. She wrote that I was an impatient seller! The nerve! Thinking back, she hadnt paid so after after 5-7 days, I usually email the buyer "this is a friendly reminder that no payment has been received." I then ask "are you still interested in this item? I ask that because I feel I am actually giving them an out if they have changed their minds. Rather than file a unpaid dispute, wasting both of our time. Long story short, I did email her back, somewhat sarcastic that how can I be took you two months to leave me FB? I don't think its' wrong to have to remind someone to pay you. I like to get to PO, not beholding onto an item for weeks!
    I sent her the email because of couse, I cannot reply to her feedback like before or I would of.
  3. If you don't want the negative feedback you will have to wait unfortunately for her to complete the transaction.

    I might e-mail her on Monday and ask her when she intends to complete the transacation and let her know if she is under some "stress" maybe it would be wise to cancel the transaction due to the circumstances.. but I would let her pay the fees
  4. I would go ahead and mail out the swimsuit since she's already paid. If you refund her and cancel the transaction, she might leave you negative feedback. I don't understand why she is so upset about the notice unless she is just sensitive right now because of the death in her family.
  5. if she paid, then just ship it out with a note thanking her for bidding on your auction, and condolenses for her loss. then hope for the best in terms of feedback.

    i see no reason to cancel the transaction if she paid, and it's a relatively inexpensive item. you can even message her and say you apologize if you added to her stress, but you were just following up on your transaction and was eager to get the swimsuit out to her.
  6. you can also ask her why she felt it was 'shame on you' for sending a payment notice after a week. you can maybe link her to the ebay policy page where it states they have 7 days to pay. and let her know you didn't want to issue a non-paying bidder against her, so you were being courteous by sending the payment notice, and perhaps she is under a lot of stress and therefore wasn't aware of the ebay procedures.
  7. ^ I agree, ship the item out right away with delivery confirmation.

    Also reply to her email and say something like "I am so sorry to hear about your father. It was not my intent to upset you with a payment reminder email. It is my policy to send a reminder after 7 days as sometimes buyers may forget about an item they had bid on or may have missed the first email notifying them of the win. I wasn't aware of your situation. Thank you for your payment. I have shipped your package via (enter any shipment information here about date/tracking). It should arrive shortly. Again my condolences on the loss of your father".
  8. palmbeach..exactly. a message worded like that, plus shipment will be enough to resolve the issue.
  9. Send it with delivery confirmation. She can give you a neg if she's a jerk either way (whether you send it or not). And of course you can't give a buyer a neg back! Sorry you had to deal with this; as poster above said, maybe kill her with kindness and let it go. If her father really did die, she's probably upset about that, but still no reason to send nasty emails. It's not your fault.
  10. Thanks everyone! I responded back to her each and everytime with very polite emails. We'll see what gives. I'm aware she may be stressed out due to her father's death but on the other hand I am upset as well with her nasty words and threats for no wrong doing. I'll keep you guys posted.
  11. It's not like you are a mindreader and could know there was a death her family! And it's not like you hounded her, you waited a week and then sent a reminder. I would have filed NPB after a week of no communication, so you were definitely nicer than I would have been.

    All of these people who have excuses why they don't pay for their auctions (usually a death or hospitilization or something)... I wonder if they don't pay their mortgages and credit cards either with the same excuse? Somehow I doubt it! ;)
  12. I agree with caannie wholeheartedly.

    In addition to selling on *bay, are we now to be mindreaders about what may be going on in someone's personal life.

    Doesn't the buyer need to have a little bit more respect and regard for the seller
    and assume responsibility for getting in touch?

    And after a week, how long would you expect a seller to wait for payment?

    And than to have rudeness and anger on top of that..c'mon give me a break
  13. Thats exactly why I was so mad. I thought I was being really nice. She was a powerseller so I thought maybe she had overlooked my item that she won and I sent a friendly reminder. I was even doing it thinking maybe she changed her mind, giving her an out.
  14. I think you should have been annoyed. You were being very nice. Above and beyond the call of duty. Never mind that she was a power seller, that has nothing to do with it.

    Have a little regard and repect for your fellow ebayer. To me that is what it is about.

    We all work very hard and do our very best. Being rude is just inappropriate especially
    when it is not our issue.
  15. But you can reply to her feedback, you can't leave her negative feedback but you can respond in to the comment she left you. If you do a search 'respond to feedback' Ebay should bring up a link where you can respond to any feedback left for you, I've seen this done recently so as far as I know it's still an option.