Craig's List - I know it's a Scam, but what should I do?

  1. So I have a couple of bags I posted on Craig's List. There's been a little interest, but no buyers :tdown:.

    So yesterday I get an email from an interested party in Fla. They say they would like to buy one of my bags, will send me a MO and have their mom (who lives in the area) pick it up. Sounds OK to me. I send them the information. So today, I open my email & see the following msg:

    I want you to understand that the deal as my secretary as posted the payment already, but there was a slight error i guess we can handle with care, instead of the actually amount $200 for the item she made out the check for $3200 she claim that was what i requested but she didn't get that straight.
    So once you have the check please cash it and deduct the money for your goods plus $100 that for your run around expenses.
    The excess fund should please be sent to my mover via western union,this fund will be use in offsetting the cost of the shipment he as undertaken for me recently.
    **Please email at once to let me know that i can trust to have the excess funds sent to my mover

    I know - it SCREAMS scam! I hit the reply the button & was all set to send a reply saying that I would be happy to return the check & wait for the correct amount (knowing it would never come), but then decided not to. I started wondering if I should take it to the police station and report it and let them handle it. I have the email address, and if I played along, could get the "mover's" info where the Western Union $$ would go - if the police were in on it, they could contact the local authorities & they could be ready to arrest him/her when they went to pick up the $$.

    What do you think? Should I just send it back & be done with it, or should I take it to the police & hope they follow up on it?
  2. Huge scam! I would refuse, report it to the police and not deal with this person anymore.

    Good luck!
  3. personally, i just saw how much the authorities care about fraud. i pinpointed the person who stole my VISA and they didnt care. just tell them u wont cash it. their grammar also leads me to think scam.
  4. SCAM tear up the chq and don't communicate at all with the people.
  5. this happened to a friend of mine who was selling her sofa on craigslist.

    she of course didn't go through with the deal and reported it to craigslist i think.

    this could be a money laundering scam. so make sure you don't get involved.
  6. Please do not cash the check. This is a scam! If you are going to use craigslist write local pick up only and cash only. I've heard quite a few people cashing the check then retuning the money only to realize that the check bounced or was a fake.
  7. When the check arrives - you might want to contact the bank on which it is drawn. If the fraudster has got hold of somebody's bank details - and is using them to create cheques - then it might help to substantiate the victim's claims. Also - the bank could also decide if they wants to take matters further - and would probably be more effective.....
  8. I'm not going to cash the check - that's not even an option. I just don't know if I should call him on it & return the $$ or report it to the police & hope that they do the right thing. I haven't reported it to Craig's List yet, because I don't want to give him a heads up if I'm going to involve the police.

    Doesn't anyone one think that I should report it to the police?? If not, how come?
  9. If it is a personal check you should call the people on the chekc and let them know the deal and ask if they would like any emails sent to them from this person that has their checks.
  10. Personally I would want to report it to the police, but I would also be wary of how much personal info I had already given this person. Being a good citizen is all well and good but as most of us know you can't always rely on the police to come protect you when you need it most. Go with what feels safest to you.
  11. I'd take the check to the police, and see what they say. It may be a stolen account.
  12. Technically, a crime has not occurred yet, so it wouldn't do any good to report it to the police. And it won't occur, because you won't cash the check. I'd tell the person who e-mailed you that all deals are off, thanks anyway - and if you do receive a check, either send it back or tear it up.
  13. I don't know what you should do. I might be afraid to report it. I think I would just send it back and tell them to forget it.
  14. POLICE. Print the emails and bring it to your detachment. Though no crime has been committed as YET, not all are a savvy as you to catch such a scam! I bet the FBI may even be interested in this little crime ring... Think of how many folks you can save from being had, and get these theives behind bars asap.

    ...and why on earth would you be afraid to report someone who is so obviously attempting to rip you off for THOUSANDS of dollars???
  15. ITA! Turn'em in!