Craie or Parchmein Togo...POLL

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Which cream color?

  1. Parchmein

  2. Craie

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Happy Saturday morning!!!! ( at least here in the USA ;))

    Quick poll: Craie or Parchmein in Togo???

    I have Parchmein and think it's a beautiful color, a great easy care light bag. I wear jeans a lot and have never had a color transfer issue. I have recently been swooning over Craie as the color seems to be a bit more on the cooler side of the color spectrum and I'm really loving the gray/etopue resin. However, I'm wondering if there really is a significant reason to switch out my Parchmein for Craie. The two colors can at times "read" very similar, and I'm thinking Craie will not be as forgiving with jeans as Parchmein....

    Any thoughts to add to this debate?
  2. They are similar but given the choice between the 2, craie all the way for me!!!!

    And I don't see why craie would be more prone to Jean color transfer than parchemin....
  3. Craie!!! [​IMG]
  4. I wear my craie with drnim all the time...ive had it for over a year and no issues so far!!
  5. Parchment!!!! I love Parchment
  6. I like craie better
  7. I think both are gorgeous. Mine is craie but I would have gone for parchemin too.

  8. +1
  9. I'm leaning towards craie. Does anyone have both colors side by side?
  10. Parchmein, hands down ~ one of my favorite all time H colors. :love:

    Although, ehy, love that pic of your craie B ~ truly a beauty! :cloud9:
  11. Hi! I have a belt in craie swift and a Lindy in parchment clemance. Both colors are very pretty. I would say that craie is more cool toned and very much like white chalk (hence the name), while parchment is a warmer tone with very soft yellow undertones. I'm not sure what color the resin is on craie. Parchment has brown resin.

    If you wear mostly cooler tones (black, white, grey, navy) I might go with craie. If you wear more warm tones (brown, cream, green, mustard yellow) then I would go with parchment.

    I personally can wear both cool and warm tones and often like to mix the two, so I'm able to get a lot of use out of my Lindy.

    I'll try and get a pic of them together later when I have a little more light.
  12. Im actually loving parchemin lately too
  13. Both beautiful.
    Parchemin has a creamier, more yellow undertone.
  14. I think I prefer Craie.. but would love to see them side by side!
  15. I have and love Craie! Though I think Parchemin is beautiful too.

    I agree that Craie works best with cooler tones and Parchemin with warm.