Crackled Patent Jumbo Flap in Beige (Blush)

  1. I have one of these on order, does anyone own this bag? If so can you post pictures wearing or just pictures of the bag?

    I went gaga over it a few months ago and I HAVE TO HAVE it for spring.

    Thanks in advance!! :idea:
  2. Selena is going into Chanel shock..rofl..Dang girl,you are on a ROLL!
  3. Dont be hatin
  4. HAHA!nevah..loves ya...hope you find this bag..seems like youve been wanting it ferever!
  5. I think I am getting it, just have to wait until they get it in for me. Having it transfered.

  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Selena... I have the jumbo blush & it is Gorgeous! Unfortunately I don't have any photos wearing it & I borrowed personalshoppers picture when I posted about my new bag. Got mine at MN weeks ago. There are some other threads with photos if you look back. It's a very flexible colour that will go with almost anything. I believe you will love it if you find one. It's a limited bag so if you want one they won't be around forever.
  8. Well I just got an Email from my SA she found one, so hopefully I will be posting pictures in a few days!!!!!
  9. I cant wait to see it...its sound like its going to be such a LUSH color!!
  10. I love the sound of this bag.
  11. OOH!cant wait to see it!
  12. I regretted not getting the pink Jumbo caviar and my coral jumbo and vowed that the next time I found a color I flipped over, I was getting it!! Its one of those colors that goes with everything. Its sexy! I am so excited.
  13. This one is from eBay:
    In real life its a bit darker and richer.
  14. That my dear is one of my FAV colors in the world...its going to be breathtaking.
  15. Wow!! I absolutely love that color! I got a navy patent for Spring because I didn't see a light color I liked, but this one is gorgeous. I am sure I will keep the navy, and I don't need 3 patent Chanels flaps, but that one is really tempting!