Cracked patent pigalle?


Feb 16, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
I have a few small cracks in my oldest pair of Black Patent Pigalles. Its in the same place as yours but the crack isn't quite as long. I've probably worn them more than 50 times in all kinds of weather though so I think they're just getting worn out. I didn't stretch mine.

No CLs should crack after 2 wearings in my opinion...
I too had a pair of Nude Patent New Decoltissimo's that cracked in a similar location....there actually were several cracks......I posted the entire incidence on this forum a few months ago(feel free to search under my tpf name)......I had owned the shoes for about 6-7 months and wore them probably about 5 times....anyway, after posting on this forum, other tpf's suggested I contact my selling store(CL at the Palazzo in Las Vegas).....after contacting them, they asked me to send them back with a copy of my receipt and they quickly sent me a new pair.....what service!....perhaps you may want to try this.....good luck....