Cowboys new reality show


Jan 12, 2006
Have y'all heard about this? I heard it on the Michael Irvin ESPN radio show this afternoon.
I'm really not sure how I feel about this. . . I LOVE reality shows but am not sure I'd choose this for the 'boys. They're dubbed America's team but seem to be the team that people love to hate, they're a ''celebrity team" and this probably won't help.
But again, I love reality TV and I love when underdogs/unknowns succeed so I like the premise of this show.
Cowboys will give training camp spot to reality show winner
Posted: January 22, 2009, 4:08 PM by Noah Love
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(Photo: Want to hang out with these guys next season? If so, Michael Irvin has a reality show for you. REUTERS/Mike Stone)

Ever wanted to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys (practice squad)? A new reality television show wants to make your quasi dream come true.

According to Bloomberg News, former Dallas Cowboys receiver and alleged car jacking escapee Michael Irvin will produce a show for Spike TV in which 12 participants vie for the chance to compete in Cowboys training camp.

The show, which has not yet been titled, features six receivers and six defensive backs, which is great seeing as the Cowboys cut DB "Pacman" Jones and could be on the verge of shipping receiver Terrell Owens to another postal code.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will appear on the show, and former Cowboys players and coaches will serve as judges.

“There is so much great undiscovered football talent out there, guys that may have missed their shot for one reason or another,” Irvin said in a statement. “This is about hope and a shot at greatness.”


Jun 14, 2007
Um, hubby won't be happy about this.

He was cool with the HBO Hard Knocks stint, but this is a contest. :nogood: