Couturegrl's Bag/Accessories Collection!!

  1. OK...LOL It is small but growing slowly but surely!!

    **Mono Speedy 35
    **Black Epi Speedy 30
    **Damier Speedy 30 (exchanged for Saleya GM)
    **Saleya GM
    **Damier Azur Speedy 30
    **Black MC Bandeau
    **Poche Toilette 26
    **Vernis Frambroise Small Ring Agenda
    LV2.jpg LV4.jpg
  2. More pics...
    new lv 6.jpg lv bag 6.jpg new lvv 3.jpg scaf.jpg
  3. Great collection of LV. Your dog is so cute: your speedies look well guarded. :yes:
  4. aw, your doggy is so cute! :love:

    pretty LV collection you got! :biggrin:
  5. beautiful collection, your dog is cute. thanks for posting
  6. LOL Oh yeah my Chihuahuas are FIERCE!! :p

    Thanks everyone!! I love reading your sweet comments!:heart:
  7. love how the mc scarf looks on the epi speedy!

    great collection
  8. Nice collection! :flowers:
  9. Very nice LV collection!
  10. i see you're a speedy fan! beautiful
  11. Added Denim Flat Pouch today!!:heart:
    new lv bag 1.jpg new lv bag 2.jpg new lv bag 3.jpg new lv bag 4.jpg
  12. GREAT collection!

    Your baby is adorable!
  13. Nice collection! :biggrin:
  14. Great LV collection. I love your agenda! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Very beautiful LV collection!!
    I love your Speedies!:heart: