Courier, Weekender or Work? HELP!!

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  1. I'm heading to my first year of college in the fall and would like to snag myself something as a graduation present... with a little help from my mom! lol!

    I head my mind set on a courier, until I started thinking about what other options I could be looking into..

    Courier - I like that it can be a cross body bag, and it has room for tons of stuff, more importantly my Macbook Pro (15") and a DLSR camera, plus whatever is needed for classes. Messengers are what I've had in the way of bags for school all the way through high school. But other than school I don't know how much day to day use it would get outside of school and trips, I'll admit I love my city too much

    Weekender - about the same size as the courier, but I like the shorter handles, and that it can be held under the arm pretty comfortably and still fit what I need, but I think that I would get lost in there.. I just imagine Alice falling into the rabbit hole...

    Work - A little smaller but wouldn't give me a black hole to dive into, and would cause me to be a little more reserved with how much I carry, but then again I'm afraid I would find myself in a situation that I wouldn't have enough room. probably wouldn't fit my computer and my camera, but I don't expect that I'll NEED to take it everyday

    If you ladies could help me out it would be great!
    pictures are always great, you all have such amazing bags!


    mods-I did do a search and couldn't find what I was looking for, if I missed it, I'm sorry in advance!
  2. If you don't mind that it's not an over the shoulder bag I think you'd be happiest with a work - especially if you love your city bag.
  3. Hey strife00...Something to consider is picking out what you'd really dig as a handbag, and leave the heavy stuff to something that's more of a workhorse. I HAVE carried heavy stuff in all three bags you mention, and none of them handles books and laptops particularly well, nor are any of them comfortable to carry when they're carrying all that stuff. Trust me, I've done it.

    Further, the depth of both the Work and Weekender does not hold a laptop snug---unless the bag is REALLY full. And then it's too heavy for that precious leather.

    Think of what handbag you'd like to carry with a backpack, and what would translate well to a night out.
  4. I'm kinda lookin at the same thing. but not so many books....just one that would fit a macbook pro and maybe a couple mags and stuff. I really like how the courier goes across the body, so it's more hands free. shoulder bags always fall off me :shrugs: although both the weekender and work (hence the name) i think could handle the load. Like stated above, i wouldn't push it too far with weight and overstuffing. my vote for a student would be a courier. :rochard:
  5. i just got my first WE during the holiday and i will try carry it to school this tuesday, hope it's not late to give feedback.
  6. I would say work or we. But if things are going to move around too much in the we, you could have a problem?

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  7. I've been using a weekender to school for quite some time. It holds my macbook air pretty well, as well as a few other books. However, I never put too many books into it. Not that I don't want to, just doesn't feel right. The courier would be a better choice for school, but in the long run, weekender's still the choice I would pick.
  8. Thanks!
    I agree with everyone on the over stuffing note, I don't think I could do it to a bag so wonderful. But I don't expect too much of a load for classes, book wise, I'd hope i could fit at least 1 regular size text book, maybe in place of my computer, depending on my schedule

    Yorkie- I'd love to hear how it works out for you on tuesday!

    DonnaD- That was my other thought, heavy duty laptop bag and most likely another city or maybe a first
  9. There's an AG work on RDC that I have started to really fall in love with the more I see it as I check the site for new beauties, and I am so tempted to snatch it up, but again I have my reservations, It's bright, but since I wear mostly darker colors it would be a nice pop!
    I REALLY need to make up my mind..:Push:
  10. I think a Courier would be great since it's big, but has a nice thick strap. It would probably carry weight better than the Work or WE since you can wear it crossbody.
  11. ok, half day at school with my WE..cant tell you an accurate result yet cux this is my first day of this semester. however, i did carry my laptop, and a 5subject notebook and stll feel comfortable...
  12. I'm not in school, so I don't carry books very often but my work does comfortably fit my laptop and multiple files. I do worry about how much the handles have stretched because of this, but they are now plenty long enough to wear comfortably with just about any jacket/coat.
  13. The more I think about it I'm starting to lean toward the work side
    1-because its smaller
    2-get more use outside of school
    3-would restrict the amount of unneeded stuff I pack
    4-the AG on RDC would be a dream, a little worn but that makes it a little easier to use (I think I would be too afraid to break in a new bag on my own)

    but then again both the courier and the weekender have so much more room... the weekender is such an amazing style almost to say like if the work and a courier got together they would have a weekender, lol
    the courier is cross body, but with a larger chest, cross body can look a little awkward, but would be more "hands free" especially good when on the subway

    decisions, decisions...
    I really need to pull it together!
  14. Without a doubt - Weekender! Go big, or Go home...
  15. Tally!
    Work: 3

    Tied so far!:woohoo: