Countdown to Dior NYC...

  1. In 13 days I will be in NYC - my friend and I have been mapping out our shopping for the day and Dior on 57th will be our starting point.

    Now, there is a Dior boutique here in Aspen, however, that is a 4 hour drive for me so I never go there. I have been to the Dior boutique in Vegas many times; but, for some reason the Dior NYC has me very excited.

    After MayDay found that white detective bag I am wondering if I might find one in NYC?

    Also, I wonder how far the Woodbury Commons outlet mall is from NYC? Time to do a mapquest.

    Anything you ladies want me to report on in a few weeks? :nuts:

    Let me know, my camera takes awesome pictures, I can practice photo-discretion at home in preparation. :p
  2. How exciting! Hopefully you find some great bags, NY always carries the best. If you could take pics of any of the Romantique or Lady Dior bags that would be great!;) Have a wonderful trip and tell us all about it when you get back.
  3. Please do lots of pics. I think that NYC will have a lot of new style bags released than other cities. So please take lots of pics and tell us how your trip go. And important, hope that you find lots of great bags!!!!
  4. aaaw Loganz you`re one lucky girl ... :wlae: are u planning a lot of ..uhm .. mysterious charges ? :supacool:
  5. :p All signs point to YES on this one! However, my true weaknesses are tailored jackets (esp leather) and designer denim.

    eBay can expect to see a lot of my closet upon my return I am sure. ;)
  6. have a great time at the boutique in NYC, loganz!
    as for the white detective, it should be around (i would think the main boutiques usually have a detective bag around although the colour/material varies). perhaps you could ring them up a few days before your trip to check with them if they have the white detective in stock?

    and please do update us if you see any of those limited edition saddle bags in the nyc branch!

    and of course, pictures of your (upcoming) dior goodies! :graucho:
  7. Good idea to ring the boutique regarding the Detective - I would want one in black - which could be hardest to come across. :sad:
  8. ^ ironically, i saw the black one (along with the white) in the boutiques back in singapore over my easter break.

    the dark brown one is pretty lush too (i didn't really like it in the pictures, but IRL, it does look much better). :yes:

    good luck with the hunt for the detective, loganz! ;)
  9. The black detective is the most rare of the colors (I haven't seen it before at Holt Renfrew)! Good luck with your hunt! You may want to try ordering it into that boutique ahead of time to make sure it's there!

  10. aaaw i love leather! and i :heart: tailored jackets ! do you post your clothes somewhere here so that i can drool over them hun? im dying to see them !
  11. I will definitely share pics of my NYC goodies with you all!!

    I would feel silly photographing my is really not that exciting...:shame: - I hope to bring home some unique pieces though!
  12. woobury commons is like.. 45 min away from the city on a good traffic day. :smile: And anything that you can't find in the city you can always try the miricle mile in manhassett (the americana)

  13. Modelling pics will be a must after u return hun ! :graucho: :drool:
  14. Well today is the day I fly to Newark Intl.

    Monday is shopping day :yahoo: :yahoo:

    We may have a change in plans though - my DH is wanting to go to Woodbury Commons instead of the city for shopping...If so, I will only be at the outlets on Monday.

    I will still report on the fabulous outlet Dior selection of course. And, if it is REAL good, I will try to report from the outlet using my DH's Sidekick - :graucho:

    Either way - see you gals on Wednesday - wish me shopping luck!!
  15. oh gosh !!! i hope Loganz will bring back a lot of goodies to drool over ...come back quick girl ! ;) :graucho: