Could someone post a photo of split tassels?

  1. I don't know what it looks like :shrugs:
  2. Here's mine! Hope the picture works!
  3. I like them like that! Now I'm not afraid that mine will split. :smile:
  4. [​IMG]

    I think it is totally hot with split tassles, I love it!
  5. So split tassels are where the leather peels and goes from being 2 tassels to 4?
  6. Yes, the more the merrier! :nuts:
  7. ^^^LOL! That's what I always say! I do not think it's a big deal if they split! I love it!:yes:
  8. oe of my my b-bag had split tassels, and i still love it! :P
  9. Actually, it looks better than I expected! One of mine is starting to get a bit pouffy as the leather is separating, so it looks like it will split in the next few months... now I'm not as worried! Kind of reminds me of those bikes I had a kid with lots of streamers coming out of the handles :smile:
  10. I prefer the split look then. I always wondered how to get a B-bag with more tassels LOL

    Well, I'll enjoy it while it's still un-split too =)
  11. oooh , im glad i got to see your photos. now i am going to be less upset when my tassles start to split. thanks for posting!!
  12. I like it better that way! Looks like the fringed leather vest I had when I was a kid...:upsidedown: