Could someone authenticate this Bulga for me please?

  1. Thanks to anyone who can help-I need a bag I can sling because my shoulder is injured:


  2. It looks pretty real to me. I would wait for a second opinion to come along though :smile:
  3. Looks authentic to me also.
  4. On my bag the colors on the back of the tassles matches closer to the color of the bag, but that could be because it is blue-green instead of yellow (is that the Jazz color?). And the lining of mine is different, but I don't know when or if they changed linings for these bags.
  5. Thanks everyone. I know the linings are different the older the bag, not sure on the tassles. I just need something for the first months after I have my baby, and I cannot bear to carry a fake or inspired because of what they represent, so I was hoping this would be a good buy. Anyone else who can weigh in on this, I sure would appreciate it.:flowers:
  6. Anyone else? I have to decide today, and it would just make me sick to carry a fake, with all of the terrorism attached and all. Thank you in advance!
  7. How can you tell between a fake and an authentic Bulga bag??