Could any1 show me a pic of their LV cerises poch reciept?

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  1. My friend recently bought a cerises pochette from eBay and although it looks authentic the reciept she recived with it looks kind of weird...

    So im mostly curious about what it should say on it etc..

    If any1 feel like it maybe you could PM me a pic of your cerises poch reciept?
  2. i dont think people would post reciepts incase any fakers are looking. maybe you could show us which parts of the reciept look odd and we could verify it.
  3. i agree.
  4. Well like I said, it would be nice if you could PM it to me, not put it up here. Im gonna ask her to take a pic of it.
  5. Reciepts vary from place to place I have lots of different ones depending on where I bought the item
  6. yeah, it all depends on where the original person bought it. i have a cerises pochette, but i got it from let-trade.
  7. Thanks! Her reciept is pink :sweatdrop:
  8. pink?! all my LV receipts are tan w/ the exception of elux which is printed on white paper...
  9. You can PM me if you'd like and I can take a look at it for ya?
  10. Bay - it may be better if you post (watermark) her receipt on the authenticate this thread, or PM one of us (authenticators/mods).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.