Cost of city!?

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  1. Hi gals,

    How much does a city cost if you bought it new say at aloha rag and balNY? include sales tax and shipping. I live in florida! Thanks in advance for your help!:confused1:
  2. A brand new city from both places would cost $1,195.00, and neither will charge you sales tax. Aloha Rag does not charge for shipping, but Bal NY charges the following:

    UPS Ground - $15
    UPS 3 Day Select - $30
    UPS 2nd Day Air - $35
    Next Day Air - $45

    HTH! :flowers:
  3. they won't charge you the tax?? i feel so stupid for buying my lilac city from Barney's !!!!! the total was something like 1300!!
  4. City costs $1195 and i have purchased from BNY. They only charged me $15 for shipping with UPS and no tax.:flowers: