Cosmetics bag?

  1. What do you use to keep your lipstick and powder in in your handbag?
  2. A leather radley pencil case!!!!
  3. I have a Kate Spade costmetic case. What I like about it is that it has a flat bottom, so it stands up on it's own when you put it down. I don't know why most cosmetic cases don't have a flat bottom.
  4. My favourite purse has a lot of sections. I keep my makeup at home, but I keep lipgloss, oil-removing face sheets, and hand cream in the middle section.
  5. A purseket - the lipstick has it's own compartment - no chance of it getting loose or open
  6. Mine are just "loose" in my bag, but I don't carry powder, just concealer and lip gloss so there is no worry over spilled powder. I should keep them in a cosmetics bag, but my bags usually aren't big enough to fit one, or I am just lazy to be unzipping all these compartments and pouches. Ideally I would like one, but I am still getting around to finding one that I like. Not really on my priority list right now, though!
  7. I have a LeSportsac cosmetic bag with powder, lipstick, lipgloss, small eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, purse sized J'adore spray, Carmex, hair elastic, notepad, and pen inside.
  8. I use two Coach wristlets to carry:
    -cuticle cream
    A lot can fit in these tiny things!
  9. LV cosmetics case.
  10. I use a cute plastic Betsey Johnson cosmetic case with different coloured bows all over it :smile:
  11. i use my balenciaga coin purse or my mini mini balenciaga coin purse here :


  12. I use whatever GWP (gift w/ purchse) bag of the month I have to keep my stuff from rolling around the bottom of my bags;)
  13. I use a bright orange terry cloth Avon cosmetics bag that says "I Love Shopping" on it. It's great, because of the color I can always find it in my bag and it holds a ton of stuff.
  14. I use the LV cosmetic bag in the medium size...thinking about purchasing the larger one...hmmmm
  15. Oh I change my cosmetic bags like I change my bags. I have the Prada frame jacquard logo which I am using at the moment, I have the LV Pochette Cosmetiques, the LV Trousse Blush & the Chloe Betty black leather.