cosmetic mirror

  1. I just got my first Balenciaga....and I'm a little confused where or HOW am I supposed to attach the mirror? :shrugs:
  2. It usually comes attached to one of the metal ovals...But for me, I actually take it OFF and just put it inside the bag. I also take the tassel off and save it with the rest of the extra tassels :smile:
  3. def. do a search. This has been bought up before and tpfrers have various methods.

    I just took the tassel off my bag, tucked it safely in a drawer, and placed the mirror in the front pocket of my city. It seems to be very happy there!
  4. yes. the mirror comes attached to the front handle ring. i don't use the mirror, so i keep it in a storage box.
  5. thank you for getting back to me on that! I think I will just take it off and put it in the front pocket
  6. I keep mine attached, but in the front case I have a makeup emergency:smile:
  7. Mine comes off the purse and goes into the dust bag with all the cards. Stored away in the closet.:shrugs: