Cornflower Twiggy from a PFer- $880

  1. nice :nuts::confused1: but i don't think eBay express is like it doesn't allow shipping overseas?
  2. What IS eBay express? and why would someone list there and not the regular eBay?
  3. I think ebay express is a lttle different because you only list or shop for brand new items. Ithink it is nwt or nib

    Anyone have more info?
  4. This is mine. It's listed on regular EBay too. I didn't list it on EBay Express. I think EBay must have put it there in addition to regular EBay because it has a BIN and because it's new and unused.
  5. I heard eBay Express is this new thing they're trying out. They make it look like an online retail store selling only brand new bags. You just click on the items you want, put it into your shopping cart, and pay for all at the same time via paypal.

    Good luck Rondafaye!
  6. One of the problems I see with this is that you have authentic items listed right along side fakes.:push: To someone that has no idea what the difference is between the two this could end up being a costly mistake. Not too sure I like this very much.:shrugs:
  7. Thanks for the well-wishes. As I said, I didn't list it in EBay Express, so I don't know how it got there. Fortunately, it's in the regular listings too.
  8. Amen to that.:yes:
  9. Ebay automatically puts your items on Ebay Express if you qualify as a seller and your items meet a certain criteria. You have the option though in "My Ebay" to either select or deselect Ebay Express to automatically post those that qualify. Here's the exact info:

    Seller Criteria
    • Maintain a feedback score of 100 or more, 98% positive or better
    • Maintain a public feedback profile
    • Support your listings with a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account
    • Ensure your PayPal account settings are set to ship to unconfirmed addresses or make sale-by-sale decisions ("Ask me for unconfirmed addresses")
    • Be registered as a U.S. registered seller, or Canadian registered seller shipping from the U.S.
    Listing Criteria
    • List on
    • List in Fixed Price, Store Inventory or Auction-style with Buy It Now format
    • Fill in the item condition field (i.e. New, Used, Refurbished) in Item Specifics, using the pre-defined values. (some categories exempted)
    • Use Pre-Filled Item Information for listings within Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, & Video Games.
    • Include shipping costs (flat, calculated or free) in the shipping fields.
    • Provide a picture
    • Allow shoppers to pay by single, combined payments for their purchases. You can specify this by going to your Selling Preferences within My eBay. Look for the Shipping & Discount section.
    • Use eBay checkout or the new checkout integration API (for 3rd party order processing)
    • Items must be located in the US
    • Individual items must not exceed $10,000.00
    Category Criteria
    The majority of categories will be included eBay Express. Categories not included in eBay Express at this time are those not covered by PayPal Buyer Protection or categories where Category Managers are still working with the community on representing their categories in eBay Express. See the complete list of categories included or not included.
  10. Thanks, Erica!
  11. No problem, Ronda!! When ebay turned this thing on, they didn't really notify any sellers that this would even begin. The next thing I knew, my items were showing up there!
  12. beautiful bag Ronda - and what a good price for it too! BEST OF LUCK!
  13. Ya, I noticed all the horrible fakes. :yucky: