Corners of guccissima horsebit hobo

  1. My guccissima hobo has worn off on the corners. I purchased the bag about three years ago and I have only worn it about 5 times. It has been in the dust bag sitting in my closet all this time. I was frustrated to see my corners discolored when I retrieved it from the closet.:nuts: I returned a gucci bag years ago because of this problem. You would think that Gucci would have improved this situation.:graucho: :hysteric: Any suggestions on what I can do???
  2. i was wondering the same thing. my blue guccissima has worn where my arm or clothes would rub it. i thought it was only me...i have carried mine once in the last month or so. i wonder if there is a cream or something to restore the leather - something like the coach leather cleaner but brings life back. i dunno sounds a little far fetched to me. lol. thats my little gucci fantasy world i live in
  3. Oh my, my chocolate guccissima has done the same EXACT thing.. :wtf: BUT i thought it was because i mishandled it!!! My husband bought it for me in the summer of 2005 as my bday present. Keep in mind, i used this bag everyday for a whole year. It was my first gucci and i loved it soo much! I never thought i would ever buy another gucci purse because of their price tag... but things have changed.. lolz.

    Im thinking about taking it to gucci and have them polish it up and make it look like new. My SA said it was a small fee to have it sent in. Here are the pics. Im guilty, i know. But remember, i used it everyday for about a whole year and a half. I feel bad just looking at it :sad:

    So was it my mis-use or just the gucci leather? :confused1: thanks guys
    IMG_1712.jpg IMG_1715.jpg IMG_1714.jpg
  4. :wtf:I hope this doesn't happen to mine! I've had mine for 6 months now and have only used it for 2 months and it hasn't happened yet.
  5. No its not you. As I have stated, I barely used my bag and when I took it out of the dust bag it was disturbing to see that the corners had faded. In previous years I returned two bags due to the same thing. I just bought the large horsebit hobo in black leather. I hope the same thing does not happen, because I love:heart: love :heart:love:heart: the bag.:yahoo:
  6. it looks like it's just a problem the bag carries:tdown: but nontheless you look like you've tenderly and lovingly taken care of it while you used it:tup: so cheer up and don't feel so down. i honestly think it's going to eventually happen because of everyday wear and tear but i could imagine it being in worse condition if you didn't care for it.... i'm sure we'd be able to tell ;). I think b/c you love your bag so much and if it bothers you to have the color scuffed off the corner, get it polished up. good luck! and much love to your bag and may it have many many probably even endless more years of use:heart:!
  7. Thanks aqua!! Well i've thought about selling but it holds sentimental value as well... but yet, i don't even use it anymore. So it's a hard call... I know if i sell it, i would not get near to what i paid for, so it's really not worth a couple of hundred bucks. Too bad i don't have a daughter, i could pass it down to her when she gets older =( Hmmmm, maybe my future grandaughter lolz, oh geez.. my son is only 11 hahahaha

    JADA - i love the large chain leather hobos. Congrats!!!! Post pics, we wanna see
  8. My friend has a guccissima tote and has recently been complaining about the wear on the bag.... she also said the leather, after about 8 months of use, feels 'rough'. She brought it back to the store and they told her that "this used to be an animal honey, you need to moisturize it". It stinks b/c it is not a cheap, as you all know...:tdown:
  9. After a couple of weeks, my Signoria hobo bag started fading like that along the corners and pretty much all over the bag. I sent it back. My SA didn't want to give me another of the same bag because other Signoria hobos in the store's inventory had the same problem. She told me the manager was afraid the fading would happen again. All the while I am thinking are the bags still being sold to other consumers in this condition? I ended up exchanging for the same bag in your pics. Now the little brown sealer (I don't know what it's called) Gucci puts on the sides of the leather horsebit handle to seal the edges has peeled off after two wears. I am sending it back for repair.

    Your pics look more like fading then scuffing to me. I just wouldn't expect the leather to fade for such an expensive bag, especially in a year and a half. Looking at some of the posts lately and my own experience, I am starting to think Gucci is slipping on quality. One last thing, I received a Britt Boston bag I bought during the sale via UPS yesterday. The dust bag had a sticky label on it that apparently couldn't be removed completely. They still sent it to me. For what I spent, I should get a clean dust bag...I'm just venting :tdown:

    I may go to LV for a while since I am not having the best experience with Gucci.
    DSC01232.JPG DSC01233.JPG
  10. Oh wow... I love the large signoria hobo... I got it in rust... I'm scared... I don't want my edges to fade?! I got it from Neiman's... are they good with exchanges if this happens..since it's not the actual gucci store. That is so bad... I love the guccisma leather. But I'm not putting up with I guess I'll stay away from them. I only have 3 bags in my collection (I just got on Gucci in 10.07).... I was an LV/Burberry girl..
  11. I've had the same issue with Guccissima products, my Abbey hobo and my husband's wallet. While visiting LV a few months ago, I asked a SA what can be done about this wear and tear. I've only had the bag 8 months at the most, and she stated that I could send it off for repairs. My husband's wallet on the other hand, she said looked great. Yeah right.....I don't think I will invest my money in the Guccissima line again. For the money, I'll find a better quality brand even if I have to add a little more money to the transaction. Just my thoughts.....
  12. I've lots of problems with my 2 Gucci's and its a shame because I love the bags. Corners on my navy horsebit started fading after 2 months, took it back and my SA sent off to Gucci and had leather corners placed. Bag is nearly 2 years old and two of my corners look look bad already. 2 years old I know but I rarely use. Only 1 weekend a month. I also have a backback that I only use for travel or shopping days and my corners have lots of wear too. I have Coach purses that are 5+ years old and corners look perfect.
  13. BOOOO!!! the more i come back and read about this thread...the more it worries me about the natural wear and tear on the signoria hobo that i have... could it possible really happen? ahhh, it worries me. well, i try to be extra careful with my bags and i don't use them that often...soo..i'm guessing the signoria hobo i was hoping to be an everyday bag will be one of those lux-feel good once in a while bags...
  14. fading? :sad: ahhh... :sad::tdown::tdown: you know how it slouches in some areas and makes a crease? did it fade along those creases?
  15. omg i have that same chocolate guccisima for about 5 mths now and it totally slouches! i hope it doesn't fade there. i read in another thread that stuffing it could prevent it from slouching....hopefully that will maintain it's shape and not fade.