Corcovado or Sonia as a work/carryon tote?

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  1. There is a cordovan Corcovado (my preferred color) on evilbay right now, and there is also a cordovan Sonia. I am looking for a bag to carry around a laptop, a binder, and maybe a change of clothes.

    I hear the corcovado is really heavy. I am also considering a flight tote but I much prefer the looks of the corcovado/sonia instead of the basic square nylon tote.

    I have a day to decide between the three...what should I do?!! Flight tote is cheaper and more "flexible" but I crave a huge pile of soft leather!
  2. I recommend the Sonia - used it this semester to carry books and papers and carryall cases and sometimes a sweater or gloves and scarf. It's soo easy to use and stay organized with three compartments. Only downside is lack of exterior pockets. The openings are wide and easy to move things in/out. I think using a Corcovado for large items like a binder would get frustrating.

    I like the look of the corc more, but sonia beats corc hands
    down on ease of use for that kind of loot.
  3. Ok million dollar question--does the sonia come with a crossbody strap or can the straps be lengthened? I need a little more drop to take the weight of all my junk.
  4. I have no experience with the Sonia- but I just used the pewter corc as a travel bag for a week and I really liked it. I will snap a pic soon and post it- complete with what I carried inside the bag!
  5. I have the sonia in cordovan. It does not come with a crossbody strap and the straps are not adjustable. I find that it fits fine on my shoulder though. I have a modeling pic posted in the thread for posting scores from the wishful/ss sale. It's a great bag and easy to stay organized with the three compartments. And the cordovan leather is TDF.
  6. I've purchased both... I recommend the Sonia for your intended purpose..
    I gave my MIL the Sonia, she is a RE Broker/Owner and it works perfectly for her.. Easily fits all her folders and binders, and looks great if she uses it not for work, but for personal use too!!
  7. I use my Corc for daily work tote, which replaced my overworked PanAm. I couldn't imagine using the Cordovan Corc. everyday, that's why I returned it sadly. It's so beautiful though. The Sonia looks like a regular purse, and not very big if you have extra stuff you need to haul to work one day. The corc has a million pockets (okay not that many) that you can keep yourself organazed with. It's an fashionable OCD gals dream.
  8. OK... First pic is what I carried in my bag:
    A very heavy boiled wool hoodie, knit hat, gloves, reading glasses, sunglasses, paperback, laptop in case, CF-card reader, digital SLR in case, clutch wallet, leather planner, winter scarf, knitting project, tissues, ziploc baggie with toiletries, and my See by Chloe Day-Tripper (for when I could leave all the work stuff somewhere safe and just carry a smaller bag)...

    2nd pic is the corc loaded with this stuff.
    3rd and 4th pics are me with the loaded bag.

    Hope these help!

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  9. Although the Corcovado has many many pockets which help with organization, the main compartment is basically one huge deep pocket.
    IMO, the Sonia is deceiving.. it is actually 3 large compartments on the inside.. all 3 are deep and it also has all the extras (pda, phone, zippered pockets..)
    It fits loads more than it seems it would.
    I have the corcovado now and I love it, but I don't think it is great to keep files in order.
  10. Sigh, that looks to die for. I'm off to go investigate modeling pics.

    The sonia is coming back for SS09, right? Do we know what colors? The cordovan is calling to me, and I want to grab it if it's not back for spring...
  11. The Corc carries a lot, but as jandelvis mentioned, getting wide items (e.g., binders and laptops) in and out of a Corc would be more difficult than getting them out of the Sonia or Ibiza. The Ibiza can be carried crossbody, which is nice. Not sure what you can do with the Sonia straps; they aren't adjustable. However, I bet a cobbler could replace the straps with longer ones if necessary.
  12. I agree with JC that the sonia strap drop is very generous - I loaded it up with some moderate weight loot on occasion and it performed great - though I did feel kind of "wrong" taxing her in that way!
  13. ITA- I have to turn my laptop north/south to slide it into the opening, then once it is in, I can turn it the correct way. It is a little bit of a bother- but OK for me because once I get where I'm going, I don't have to keep taking it out/ putting it back in again. Also, I have bulkier items (my camera is quite large and bulky) to carry than binders- so having one large pocket works better for me than having separations (which sound much better for carrying files/ folders/ binders).

    If you are needing to carry lots of paperwork, perhaps the sonia would, in fact, be a more practical choice?:idea:
  14. Based on everyone's comments, it sounds like the sonia is best for paperwork, binders, laptop, etc. and the corc is best for clothes, cameras and other non-flat items.

    I own both (sonia in cordovan and corcs in pewter and KP) and they are very light for such large bags(although keep in mind swolf's comment that the cordovan corc is very heavy).
  15. It's sort of between the flight tote and the sonia. I want the sonia but I'm wondering if the flexibility of the flight tote would be better. Sigh. So many decisions!