Coquine Thong purchased- help

  1. (i hope i'm posting in the right forum)

    i just bought a Monogram Denim Coquine Thong recently. when i took it home and compared it to the picture from eLuxury (i've heard on this forum that they do this to throw off counterfiters from time to time), the monogram just doesn't center. i went back to the shop and they showed me the other pairs and they were all like this. the nice guy there said it's supposed to be this way. i'm not worried, i'm just curious, it this kind of thing normal?

    i've attached the pic from eLuxury and 2 i took myself with markings. thanks for your help! :heart:
    PF_p11058734_ph_detail_04.JPG CIMG0703.jpg CIMG0711.jpg
  2. They look fine to me.
  3. really??? the logos are supposed go way high up? i wouldn't have guessed... thanks!

    can anyone post a pic for comparison?
  4. The soles look good, I'd say real.
  5. i have the same one and its true the mono doesnt center.. lil bit annoying.. where did u buy it from? not LV store?
  6. so all the LV pieces have to match with the photos from elux? for example a mono wapity always go with two lv´s in the sides and a flower on the center or can it be an LV in the center and flowers at the sides like a mono cles? I´ve been wondering this bcz I saw at the store a damier cles that has the Louis Vuitton Paris cube, or whatever one up if I check it up according to the elux pic. I guess I explained myself well...
  7. Yea I was going to ask the same question.
  8. It looks good to me..don't worry if you bought it from the store..
  9. I think they look fine.

    BTW, I think Coquine is a funny name for an LV item.

    Do you girls know what it means? :roflmfao:
  10. I think it means tease

    I remember my French friend used to call me t'es une coquine LOL..
  11. Good! You're right! But I've always heard it used with a sexual connotation like :

    Sexy Tease

    You're so naughty girl! I wonder what you did for your friend to call you Coquine :heart: :P :heart:
  12. i bought it from the LV shop, and all their other denim thongs look off center. the nice sales guy even let me pick which sides i wanted. they were all like that :sad: i heard some eLux pics are not accurate cuz they didn't want their stuff copied exactly.

    pinkishlove- at first it was annoying too that it didn't center, but i love this thong, it's so cute! so nice to wear in the hot climate!

    i wonder, do you ever feel off pattern with other LV items?