Cool site: btc elements - earth-friendly bags, clothes etc

  1. Hi - it's me, a fully paid-up member of the grechenscloset fan club :biggrin: I swear I'm not a stalker ...

    Via the shopping sites directory on the above baa (brilliant, amazing, awesome) site, I went to this site:

    where the goods are made of stuff like NYC billboards, discarded truck tire inner tubes, vintage clothing, organic cotton, hemp canvas etc.

    Perhaps you'd care to check them out? :biggrin: Have any of you bought stuff from here?
    Model T tote - discarded truck inner tire tubes
    Harley tube - constructed from vintage clothing
    Skirt - cool green - created out of vintage muumuus
    The mini - discarded truck tire inner tubes
    The cruiser - discarded truck tire inner tubes
    Bentley bag - discarded truck tire inner tubes
    Billboard small messenger - made out of billboard
    Decon Zip Hoody - organic french terry
    Rebuilt Levi mini - from genuine Levi jeans
    OC Blazer - organic cotton
  2. LOL I'm sure she'll appreciate the stalking. :smile:
  3. hi elana!!

    me, i love stalkers :heart:

    that site is cool, there's also who's having a 40% off sale on 'white' clothes/accessories. i just got my bamboo tee from and it is soooo soft and really cool. i could really get into this whole eco-chic thing...
  4. Cool- Glad you are here!
    Looking at now.
  5. Hi grechenscloset and Japster :biggrin:

    Grechenscloset, one of the sections of your site that I love most is the one about independent designers and indie designers website. So many wonderful sites to browse (I haven't finished them all yet :biggrin: )

    Is this site included?

    If not, could you please check it out? Thanks in advance.
    I thought it would be good if more people could get to read this.
  6. Bookmarking like mad right now.
  7. cute site passerby! i'll add it to my list...just FYI if/when you find more sites i don't have listed, you can submit them here:, it's really for designers/boutiques to submit their sites, but you can do it too! :yes:

    that way, i have all the sites in one place and it makes it so much easier for me to keep track of them to add, otherwise, i keep them on random pieces of paper and sometimes forget to add them...