Contrast Piping

  1. Just wondering what you think of bags with contrast piping. It would seem to limit what the bag would go with, but on the other hand makes the bag more unique. Would it make a bag more valuable?
  2. I don't know about more valuable...but definitely more "eye-catching"...
  3. It's one of those things I admire from afar, yet can't see buying one for myself. I also like the idea of a surprise lining. Hmmmm, how about a CDC Black 35cm Birkin with CDC Rouge H inside . . . Now you've got me dreaming!
  4. My Ebene Picotin has caramel Chevre contrast piping and I love it. Both colors are neutral so it still goes with everything but it just gives it a lil something extra! ;)
    P2.jpg P4.jpg
  5. I think it is gorgeous but may limit what the bag goes with (unless both colors are very neutral).
  6. I love bi-color birkins, they're eye-catching and just gorgeous!
  7. I have a soft spot for bi-colour birkins. It adds the extra oomph to the bag, and is so much more special. That said, the moment it comes with the contrast piping, the bag becomes a "fun" bag. This opinion is also shared by my store manager and my SAs. I have a birkin with contrast piping, and I use it very casually.

    My next birkin, I hope to have is one with a contrast lining, but the piping is tone on tone.
  8. pampered, I had a bi colored Kelly in was chocolate with orange piping. I didn't find that the trim detracted from what I could use the chocolate color with.....I liked the pretty contrasting trim!
  9. hmmmm....ideas, ideas...whta could be some cool combos? I LOVE chocolate box with claycamen piping...i have it on my list as a possible next order...2 concerns though..I am not really a chocolate bag lover and box still scares me a bit. What other beauty combos have you guys seen?
  10. Pampered, I have a forest green togo Kelly with vert anis piping. It is gorgeous and the piping does not clash with anything. I love the pop of color!
  11. ^^ any chance of a pic?
  12. Here you go, gmel. This is the comparison pic I took to show the vast difference between a 25cm retourne Kelly and a 20cm sellier Kelly. I love how the piping makes the bag look even more beautiful!

  13. ^^ Thank you!

    G O R G E O U S !
  14. here's another one..raisin (box leather) w/ cyclamen:heart:
    Picture 132.jpg Picture 131.jpg
  15. i think that as long as the contrast piping is in the same color family, it wouldn't affect what it will go with. if you did chocolate with gold piping, for instance, or etoupe with a light gray (or the gorgeous examples above), i don't see it affecting its ability to mix into your wardrobe.

    i do think it makes the bag less formal, though. not that that's a bad thing...just a difference.

    hmm...i wonder what black with etoupe trim would look like...would that work??

    lol...sorry, minor mental drift there....