Contemplating the City Arena

  1. I really want a dark purple/eggplant City Arena.. Does anyone have this bag?

    It will be my first Balenciaga, as I just found out my 2 others were fakes:wtf:

    Well, anyway, I like the dark purple one, what do you guys think?
  2. It may be tough to find but every so often an eggplant does pop up on eBay. Good Luck!
  3. I have found a store in Oslo that have one, but I think it's dark purple!

  4. Make sure its an athentic seller. Eggplant has been discontinued and there is no new dark purple colors available.
  5. It's a small store, I didn't even know it was there. It's authentic, and it's REALLY expensive, but it's so cute!!! What do you think about the shape?

    Thanks for the aswer!!
  6. Perhaps it's Ink?
  7. That could be! I'm NOT good with the Balenciaga colours, but it just looked dark purple to me, and the SA told me they found it when they expanded the store.. I was just thrilled, of course!

    Is the ink slightly purple? the eggplant looks more red, right?

    I really, really don't think it's a fake, because it's about the only store in Norway that I know carries them!
  8. Yes, Ink is a slightly purple, sorta neutral bluey-black.

    Eggplant is very purple, no mistaking that it's purple. It would be super-duper highly doubtful that the bag that store has is eggplant.

    But as far as the style, yeah, the City is awesome.
  9. most likely INK!! :biggrin: Ink has a dark puple tone plus navy!!!!
  10. Is ink a bad thing?

    Cause I really like it still, but is ink regarded a "bad" colour for this gorgeous bag?
  11. Ink is a wonderful color! Go for it!!!:yes:
  12. Oh, thank you so much!!! I really appreciate the input and help! I'll buy it tomorrow, can't wait! I'll post pictures of my collection whe my darling bf gets home with his camera!

  13. i had ink and i LOVED IT!!... it's not a BAD thing.. it's a GOOD thing hehe.. a lot pfers are looking for INKs!!