Contacting Goyard New York

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  1. Does anyone have any information on how to get in contact with someone at the New York store? I've spent close to an hour on hold over the past few days. I'm just trying to place a phone order for a new wallet. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have always found it impossible to get in touch with someone from the nyc store...even when I stop in, I feel like they are never that friendly and want to help you...I have now started purchasing all my goyard bags from the nm in chicago...they have always been so amazing and helpful...
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  3. The rare times I’ve called no one bothers to answer the phone. Try Bergdorfs or Barney’s in NYC.
  4. Go the Bergdorf's route, that's what I did.
  5. Agree! I've purchased from Bergdorf's because I was having trouble connecting with anyone at the Maison.
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  6. I have tried reaching the manager as I have had my repair away for over 4 months with no follow up or anything. I believe her name is Sandy but every time I go to speak to her (because no one answers the phone) she is on vacation or away. It seems there is no leadership in that place. Bergdorf will be getting my business from now on!!
  7. I ordered my St. Louis from Barney’s and it was sent to me from Goyard in NYC.
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  8. I also just ordered from Bergdorfs in NYC. They picked up right away and helped me decide between the St. Louis and the Artois via text. So convenient!
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  9. I tried NY a million times too and finally gave up and went through Chicago even though I’m in Boston and it’s so much farther away. It was appalling how long I was on hold for with no one picking up ‍♀️
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