Contact LV to report fake ?

  1. Here is the problem. I live in Belgium so i go to I see everyday really bad LV fakes.

    Everytime i see one of these, i report it ( doesn't have a quick link "report this item". I must go to help and then find the right section and so on).

    The seller always make a buy it now and 10 minutes after i report it the bag is sold (a speedy 30 for 350$ !!!) :cursing:

    (Not the same username but i think it's the same seller) doesn't seem to care.

    i feel bad for the buyers.

    What can i do ?
  2. I usually post the fakes on "report this fake" board in "lv shopping" sub forum. Fellow tPFers there help us to report fakes we want to pull it down
  3. I have the email of the law firm representing lvmh. pm me.